Memory Cards

Memory cards offer users an easy way to make backups and share files between devices. They provide flexible access to images, video clips, save game files, and work documents, making them an essential tool for any technology lover, student, and business professional. Staples® carries a wide selection of flash memory cards, readers, adapters, and portable storage devices from top-rated brands such as SanDisk®, Kingston®, Verbatim®, and PNY®.

Boost Your Device's Storage Capacity With Memory Cards
Memory cards are a fast, highly-economical storage option compared to external hard drives and re-writable discs. They also provide mobile device users with extra space to store media files and contact information. Users simply pop cards into compatible devices, saving data directly to them without any special software or technical know-how. Most computers, cameras, and digital equipment immediately recognize cards without needing a reboot, saving users valuable time and effort on the job.

Several Types of Memory Cards to Suit a Range of Products
There are several styles of memory cards available, including SD™ cards, miniSD™, microSDHC™, and CompactFlash® cards. Available in a variety of storage capacities, users can select cards to suit everyday tasks or ones designed for high-end digital equipment. Outdoor enthusiasts and athletes appreciate extreme and ultra models that offer enhanced durability and performance while avid photographers find them useful for capturing high-definition images and 4K video footage.

Memory Cards Ensure Speedy and Secure Data Transfers
Every memory card offers rapid data transfers so users can quickly save and distribute files. Users can instantly preview and play back captured media clips, ensuring every shot is captured perfectly. Several models support read and write protection and data encryption, safeguarding files against accidental deletion and unauthorized reproduction.

How Long Do Memory Cards Last?
Memory cards can last for many years provided they are stored and cared for properly, although cards that are frequently exposed to extreme temperatures, moisture, and hard drops may only last a short time. Cards that are not properly ejected from a computer or are removed during file saving processes may also end up with unreadable, corrupted blocks of data. To ensure safe, long-lasting storage, users who regularly archive and share important data should consider keeping backups of key files on a computer, external hard drive, or in cloud-based storage.

Are All Memory Cards Interchangeable?
Some types of memory cards can be used interchangeably among compatible devices, while others are specifically designed for gaming consoles, mobile phones, and high-definition recording equipment. Many cameras are backward-compatible with older styles of memory cards, although some may not work on older devices due to technology limitations. Several manufacturers provide a list of compatible devices on their websites and product packaging, or users can attempt loading cards in a particular device to see if they function properly.

Are Memory Cards Compatible With Mac®-Based Systems?
Flash memory cards and other storage devices work with a range of operating systems, including macOS®, Windows®, and UNIX®. Some computers have built-in ports for memory cards, or users can attach a USB-powered card reader to access files saved on the card.

Are There Memory Card Readers That Support All Types of Cards?
In addition to stand-alone mobile card readers and adapters, several types of all-in-one readers support a range of card types, including MMC cards, microSD™ cards, xD picture cards, and high-speed memory cards. Many readers feature lightweight and compact construction so users can easily manage saved data between devices while at home, the office, and on the go.