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Starfrit 3-in-1 Twelve Piece Fondue Set (SRFT092521)Starfrit 3-in-1 Twelve Piece Fondue Set (SRFT092521)
Item #24319422
Model #SRFT092521
  • Makes meat, cheese & chocolate fondues
  • 1.6 liter pot can be preheated on stovetop
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Nutrichef Raclette Cheese Warmer/ Melter Black (PKCHMT24)Nutrichef Raclette Cheese Warmer/ Melter Black (PKCHMT24)
Out of Stock
Item #24004863
Model #93598645M
  • Raclette Cheese Melter
  • Electric Cheese Melter To Prepare Your Food with Traditional Swiss-Style
Nutrichef Raclette Grill Two-Tier Party Cooktop Stone Finish (PKGRST54)Nutrichef Raclette Grill Two-Tier Party Cooktop Stone Finish (PKGRST54)
Out of Stock
Item #24005010
Model #93598684M
  • Raclette Grill
  • Perfect for Cheese, Vegetables, Meats, Seafood & More!
Nutrichef 2+ Qts. Fondue Maker Electric Melting Pot Cooker Black/Red (PKFNMK23)Nutrichef 2+ Qts. Fondue Maker Electric Melting Pot Cooker Black/Red (PKFNMK23)
Out of Stock
Item #24004923
Model #93598673M
  • Fondue Maker
  • Perfect for Cheese, Chocolate & More!
Bring charm and fun to any dining occasion with fondue sets in a variety of styles and sizes. Whether preparing an intimate dinner for two, a game-day bash, or a professional gathering, a beautiful fondue warmer makes the event more special. Select from a variety of sets to create the right mood.

Don't worry about running out of electrical outlets or locating extension cords; select one of the many fondue sets that operate with a small burner. Choose a specialized set, such as a grill pot or electric pot with accurate temperature control. None of your guests will suffer the embarrassment of losing track of a fork with clear numbers or attractive colors on the handles. After your event, tidy up quickly with an easy-to-clean model.

Fondue sets are available in a variety of colors and styles, perfect for any theme. Choose from ceramic, stainless steel, and cast iron. Mahogany bases add a stylish touch. Elevate your event a notch by coordinating with beautiful tableware and linens. Whether serving indoors or outdoors, a fondue warmer will be the centerpiece of your table.

A beautiful pot of fondue will entice your guests to linger and enjoy your good food and good company. Your guests will enjoy consistent quality in your food with pots that feature even heating distribution, and you can spark new interests with fresh ideas from the recipe books included with some models. From simple to ornate, elegant indoor gatherings and energetic backyard cookouts, your fondue set will be the talk of the event.