IV Sets

Set store
With IV sets, you can get everything from sterile saline to chemotherapy drugs into a patient's system. Durable tubing and reliable components ensure that the fluids you've prepared are delivered quickly into the bloodstream. Stock up on IV sets for use in patient rooms or in the surgical theater.

Reliable Materials
Durable latex tubing is flexible enough for situations where you need to maneuver the tube around monitoring machines or medical devices near the patient's bed. Because IV tubing is designed not to kink or break, you can rely on it to continue sending fluids or medication into the patient's vein even when you've left the room. Because IV sets are easy to use, you can set up the IV system in just a few minutes and rapidly start treatment in a time-sensitive situation.

Convenient Bulk Options
Bulk IV tubing can be cut to accommodate your specific needs, so you need not halt what you're doing to search for an appropriate piece of tubing. Long stretches of tubing can be easily draped over an IV pole to keep excess out of the way while still allowing for freedom of movement if the patient wants to walk around or use the restroom. Stock up on IV start kits, needles, and connectors so you always have the pieces you need in an emergency, or order multi-packs containing lots of disposable IV sets to ensure hygiene.

Efficient Patient Care
With IV sets, it's simple to deliver the kind of care patients expect because all of the components are designed to work together seamlessly. Keeping different diameters of tubing and an assortment of connectors on hand gives you plenty of flexibility and makes controlling the flow of fluids easy.

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