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TRU RED™ 8.5" x 11" Copy Paper, 20 lbs., 92 Brightness, 500/Ream, 10 Reams/Carton, 40 Cartons/Pallet (TR56958D-LQO)TRU RED™ 8.5" x 11" Copy Paper, 20 lbs., 92 Brightness, 500/Ream, 10 Reams/Carton, 40 Cartons/Pallet (TR56958D-LQO)
Item #184483
Model #TR56958D-LQO
  • Reliable printer paper that is best for black & white printing
  • Paper weight: 20 lbs.
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TRU RED™ 8.5" x 11" Multipurpose Paper, 20 lbs., 96 Brightness, 500/Ream, 10 Reams/Carton, 40 Cartons/Pallet (TR56962-LQO)
Item #180036
Model #TR56962-LQO
  • Reliable color printer paper that is best for vivid and bold colors
  • Paper weight: 20 lbs.
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Earthchoice® Office Paper, 8 1/2" x 11", 40 Cases/Pallet
Item #184782
Model #2700-LQO
  • 20 lb.
  • 92 US / 104 Euro Bright
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Running a business takes plenty of supplies. Wholesale paper products are a good value for companies that need to stay stocked up. Staples offers a wide range of bulk paper products. Choose the quantities, weights, colors, and sizes that suit your needs. Look for excellent values from top brands such as HammerMill, JAM, Xerox, HP, Staples, and Dunder Mifflin.

Wholesale Paper Products Save Time and Money
Ordering office supplies in bulk is an excellent way to save. Large quantities are often available at lower wholesale prices. Many products can be bundled into one shipment, which saves time and energy. Bulk buying maintains productivity, as there is plenty of stock on hand to keep work flowing. Paper is a necessity in the workplace, and choosing to place wholesale orders can prevent slowdowns. Print shops, publishing houses, offices and retail outlets can all benefit from the savings and convenience.

What Types of Bulk Paper Products are Available?
There are wholesale and bulk bargains on most paper types. The most common wholesale products include multi-purpose bright white 20-pound paper. This type can be used in all standard printers and copy machines as well as for everyday writing tasks. Mid-weight 24-pound copy paper is compatible with most copiers and is well-suited to printing presentations, notices and flyers. Laser print paper has a smooth surface to provide the best prints from laser copy machines. Digital color copy paper is designed to handle high color printing jobs. For pages meant to be inserted into binders, 3-Hole Punched copy paper saves valuable time.

What Quantities Do Wholesale Paper Products Come In?
There are a variety of bulk options at every level. Specialty paper such as card stock or vellum can be ordered in packs of 50, 100, or 500 sheets. Multi-purpose, laser, digital, and inkjet paper is available in cases of 4,000-5,000 sheets. Wholesale lots are available by the pallet, with each pallet containing 40 cases of 10 reams, for a total of 20,000 sheets.

Are There any Eco-Friendly Choices?
Yes, there are many environmentally conscious paper options. Brands such as Earthchoice specialize in providing green products. Their paper products are certified by the FSC and the Rainforest Alliance, which promote responsible timber harvesting. Most manufacturers offer an eco-friendly recycled option, as well, ranging from 30 to 100-percent recycled content. Acid-free paper is a responsible consumer choice both for the environment and your documents. The manufacturing process reduces waste and the product stays white longer and is more durable.

What Features are Important?
The type of paper depends on the projects for which it's most frequently used. Paperweight is the most important feature to consider. Standard weight is 20-pound, which is of normal thickness. This weight is practical for most applications. For more durability, choose 24-pound. This weight will still work in most copy machines but is slightly thicker. Heavy-duty jobs such as signage and brochures may require card stock, which ranges from 67 to 100-pound ratings.