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Novelty Paper Items & Templates

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Novelty papers, like heat transfer paper, make it easy to complete crafts and other custom projects such as parking passes, luggage tags, ballot boxes or other novelty items at home or in the office. Staples carries a broad range of these novelty items from brands like Blanke, Blanks USA and Silhouette.

Downloadable Paper Templates
Novelty paper creates multiple items like door hangers, luggage tags, gift boxes and playing card boxes. Download a variety of templates to place images and text on a project. Templates download as PDF files, Adobe Illustrator files or use an online design tool to create a project. Other formats available include Publisher, Word, InDesign, and Quark-ready templates. Create envelopes, mailers, name badges, hang tickets labels and other novelty items with perforated papers. Choose non-perforated pages when they are used with multiple templates, then cut, fold or glue on the indicated lines to create the finished product.

Printer Compatible Novelty Paper
Novelty paper is compatible with copiers, laser-jet and offset printers. Items such as heat transfer papers may have glitter or be matte. Flocked paper, glitter paper and reflective paper all print cleanly for easy transfers onto fabric. Cardstock papers print with digital designs for easy folding to make gift or playing card boxes.

Why use Paper Luggage Tags?
Paper luggage tags print quickly and tie onto luggage with string. Reprint tags when needed, or create unique tags for multiple family members or business employees. Identifying labels is easy when they have images and text that you design. Paper luggage tags made with 8 Mil. digital polyester white materials are tear and weather resistant to keep bags identifiable during travel. Pre-made, perforated holes poke out to allow for a strap or string. When printing, these tags have a bleed area, so images stay in the margins.

What Dimensions do Novelty Paper Items Come In?
Heat transfer papers come in rolls that are 9 x 36 inches long. These fit into printers but have space to create images larger than a standard 8.5 x 11-inch print when required. Hang tags print on 8 x 10.625-inch or 8 x 12-inch sheets. Paper luggage tags come in packs and print on a 12 x 18-inch sheet. Tags come in packs of 50, 167, 334 and 500. Multiple tags print on each sheet. Smaller labels print on 8.25 x 5.5-inch or 8.5 x 11-inch sheets.

How is Heat Transfer Paper Used?
Just create a design, then print it onto the heat transfer paper. Place the design on the fabric, iron it on and peel off the transfer sheet for unique, personally designed clothing. These papers withstand high heat, sticking tight to fabric when the backing layer is removed. The remaining image is washable and resistant to fading. This type of paper is available for dark and light fabrics, so it's easy to put custom designs on almost any kind of apparel. Smooth heat transfer paper comes in a variety of colors.

Whether it's a school printing project or you simply want to tag your luggage, Staples has the novelty paper items needed to complete the job.

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At Staples, we carry 5 of the best Novelty Paper Items & Template brands online. Compare and buy Novelty Paper Items & Templates from brands with over 59 Staples customer reviews. Find the top rated brands from 23 total Novelty Paper Items & Template products based on customer reviews and ratings:

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