Paint Markers

Paint markers combine the ease of use of a pencil or pen with a broad range of available colors and drawing point styles. These markers are ideal for fine arts projects, crafts or scrapbooking and include both oil- and acrylic-based pigments. Staples carries a variety of paint pens for almost any art application, including brands such as Sharpie, Jam Paper and Marvy Uchida.

Create Art Anywhere With Paint Pens
You can use these products to draw and paint on almost any surface, depending on the type of marker chosen. Acrylic markers have water-soluble pigments and create bright, bold lines on paper, poster board and similar porous materials. Oil-based pens draw on almost any surface, including paper, glass, plastic, stone and canvas. The chalk marks created by both types of pens are light-fast and permanent once they're dry. Most of the pigments used in these products are opaque. They produce clear colors on both dark and light drawing surfaces. Many acrylic markers are non-toxic and acid-free

Paint Markers Offer Flexible Drawing Capabilities
One of the biggest advantages of paint markers is how easy they are to use. If you can handle a pencil or pen, you can draw with one of these art tools. The varied point styles, ranging from ultra-fine tips to wide chisel points, let you create lines of varying widths. Once applied, both acrylic and oil pigments dry quickly. These dry erase markers also offer a broad range of color options, including metallic colors such as silver and gold.

Which Should You Use, Oil or Acrylic Paint Markers?
While both types are considered to be permanent markers, they do have different applications. Water-soluble acrylic pens are a good choice when working with paper, wood, terra cotta or other porous materials, and most are safe for use by children. You can also use a water-filled paint brush to create washes when using these pigments. Oil-based art markers are ideal for drawing on almost any surface and resist wear and abrasion.

How Do You Care for Paint Pens?
It's easy to care for these products. After you're finished with a marker, draw a few lines on clean paper or cardboard to remove any dried paint or debris and wipe off any excess paint around the tip. Cap them tightly and store them either horizontally or with the caps up in a cool location when they're not in use. Always shake an acrylic or oil paint marker before using it.

How Do You Clean Stray Marks?
While it's difficult to remove mistakes from porous materials because the pigment soaks into the drawing surface, it's easy to clean up extra paint on hard surfaces while it's still wet. Use a damp swab to remove acrylic paint, or a swab dipped in a paint solvent such as turpentine to clean up oil-based pigments. Always test cleaning solutions on a piece of scrap or a hidden area to ensure that they won't affect the drawing surface.

Paint markers are flexible drawing tools that apply bright, permanent colors to a broad range of drawing surfaces. You can use them to make posters, add colorful highlights to photos or decorate household items. Browse the selection of pens and markers available at Staples and discover the creative options these drawing tools provide. Paint markers are the perfect addition to any school supplies list.