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DMI® Dri Sleeper™ Wetness Alert Device
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Item #276801
Model #560-7042-0000
  • Wetness alert device
  • Contains Latex
Enhance security and safety using patient alarms to monitor patients' movements. These devices use a range of technologies to track people and immediately sound an alarm when they leave specified areas. This is a tactful option for keeping an eye on patients in a variety of health care facilities.

An Alarm to Address Every Need
Choose the solution that best addresses the needs of the patients and facility from the diverse assortment of patient alarms available. Utilize bed alarms for immediate notification of when movement-restricted patients leave their beds or fix door alarms to entryways to alert caregivers when patients exit their rooms or other areas. Provide patients with systems that let them summon assistance with a click of a button.

The Latest Technology for Safe, Discreet Monitoring
Some patient alarms use infrared or pressure-sensitive technology to create a connection between the system and patients, allowing patients to move freely while still immediately alerting caregivers when the connection is broken. This can provide patients with a sense of privacy and independence while also allowing staff to keep a close watch on their charges. These alarms are also equipped with tamper-proof features that prevent people from attempting to bypass the system.

Designed for Use in Busy Facilities
Extract the most value from patient alarms by selecting mobile options that can be transferred among patients. Many models operate on batteries, letting you easily relocate the devices or use them in areas where electrical outlets may not be readily available. The portable devices are small and lightweight and can be easily tucked away in storage cabinets and lockers.