Pen Refills

Everyone has a unique handwriting style and they grips pens differently. Some prefer long, slender pen barrels while others opt for short, stocky ones. There's even a difference of opinion when it comes to fine-point tips versus medium points. But one writing trait is common to everyone; when people find a pen that feels good in the hand, they want to stick with it.

Staples provides a wide array of pen refills from all of the most popular brands to keep your writing instruments going strong, and there's a selection of refills for all types of tips, including ballpoint and rollerball. Staples also offers fountain pen ink in cartridges and ink bottles for those who enjoy the feel of stylish writing implements.

Ballpoint Pen Refills
Ballpoint pen refills comprise the widest selection of Staples replacement cartridges. Some of the most trusted names in pen manufacturing produce the common retractable ballpoint pen with its metal point and spring-loaded twist-opening barrel. Ballpoint pen refills include those for Cross, Parker, Zebra, Sheaffer and Montverde, among many others. The quick-drying ink comes mostly in blue and black, but red and green are also available, as are such colors as turquoise and pink. The ballpoint pen refills from Staples provide a consistent flow of ink, and they include both medium- and fine-point tips to suit assorted users.

Gel Pen and Rollerball Pen Refills
Staples pen refills include a variety of cartridges for pens that use ink with a more liquid consistency than ballpoint pen ink. These rollerball and gel-ink pens have a metal tip similar to a ballpoint, but their slower-drying ink saturates paper more deeply so handwriting is bolder. Staples offers pen refills from the prominent rollerball and gel-ink pen makers, including uni-ball, Cross, Pentel and Pilot. The refill cartridges come in bold, medium, fine, extra-fine and even super-fine tips. Rollerball and gel-ink pen refills come in assorted colors besides blue and black.

Fountain Pen Ink
Nothing says style like a fountain pen, which has an ink reservoir in its barrel. The reservoir accepts a fountain pen ink cartridge or draws ink from a traditional ink bottle with a syringe-type mechanism. The ink travels through a channel up to a minutely split tip, collecting on two metallic balls. Staples fountain pen ink in cartridges comes from the major manufacturers of fountain pens, including Montverde, Waterman and Parker. It's offered predominantly in blue and black ink.

Staples ballpoint, gel-pen and rollerball pen refills come in different size packages, from individual to six-packs. Many are offered in bulk to accommodate an entire office or years' worth of pen use. The Staples selection of pen refills is extensive. Along with its fountain pen ink replacements, Staples lets you maintain your distinct, unique handwriting with any or all of your favorite pens.