Professional Towels

Heavy-duty professional towels work in a variety of environments, including medical, industrial, and hospitality. Use towels to clean up spills to create safe spaces or to sanitize common or clinical areas. Select from latex-free options to protect employees, patients, or customers with allergies.

Commercial-Grade Towels
Commercial-grade professional towels power cleaning processes in food service, hotels, and niche locations. Select from different sizes to meet specific cleaning needs in your business, and take advantage of more efficient cleaning to reduce labor costs or downtime for rooms, offices, or tables. High-quality towels can be used throughout multiple cleaning jobs, reducing the need to constantly replenish supply closets.

Catch and Hold Fluid
Professional towels are designed to wick fluids from surfaces for fast spill cleanup. The towels hold moisture to avoid further drips, and you can even wring towels out for additional passes. Use the towels for light or medium cleaning jobs, including busing tables, cleaning hotel rooms, or wiping down office surfaces with sanitizing agent.

Numerous Material Options
Available in several materials, professional towels let you stock cleaning cabinets with products that are safest for guests and employees. Latex-free options reduce allergic reactions and are most appropriate for health care use. Combine towels with cleaning agents that don't interfere with existing chemicals or machinery in your building for safe maintenance.

Appropriate for Niche Use
Many professional towels handle double duty as dental bibs, reducing costs in your practice without sacrificing patient comfort. Keep splashes off patient clothing during dental work, or use the towels to clean up minor spills in medical practices. Towels can also be used, along with sanitizing agents, to wipe down chairs and exam tables between appointments.