Sketch Pads & Books

Unleash your creative energy on the blank pages of sketch pads and books. Tote books from dependable brands, such as Paper Loft and Martha Stewart, in your bag so that you never miss the chance to scrawl down an important idea. Express your individuality by choosing a colored or patterned cover.

Compact Sizes
Carry sketch pads and books wherever you go so that you are always prepared when inspiration strikes. These compact, lightweight books fit easily into most standard-sized backpacks or purses, so you can capture your thoughts and jot down impressive sketches from any location. Resilient covers carefully shield artwork from dirt and debris while lending a contemporary look to the exterior of the book or pad.

Customizable Pages
Use sketch pads and books with your favorite markers, pens, and pencils to create eye-catching outlines and vibrant sketches. Personalize your pages by incorporating accessories designed to pair well with the books and sketch pads, such as templates and dies, into your artwork. You can also enhance the look of your pages with adhesive border pads or glossy stickers.

Versatile Designs
Use sketch pads and books for your daily drawings, or choose books geared toward a specific holiday or occasion. Some books are filled with thick, durable cardstock, which makes it easy to transform the pages into stunning greeting cards or nostalgic scrapbook entries. Draft a romantic letter to someone special and adorn it with hand-drawn illustrations, or embrace your crafty side and use an all-in-one glue and sealer duo to attach patterned strips of paper to blocks of wood or pieces of furniture.

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