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Ruled Writing Paper & Graph Paper

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No matter how capable your electronic devices are at record keeping and note taking, there is something satisfying about jotting down your thoughts, drafts and mathematical notes on ruled handwriting or graph paper. Most businesses can benefit from keeping an assortment of paper on hand. Staples offers an excellent selection of paper products in a variety of lined styles. Be prepared for any occasion with pen and paper at the ready.

A Size and Style for Every Profession
Ruled handwriting paper comes in a variety of sizes. Letter-size 8.5 x 11-inch paper is the standard for students and office use. This is the most common sheet size, so filing, faxing and scanning is easy. Spelling paper measures 4 x 10.5 inches. The narrow width is convenient for note-taking and making lists. Chart paper is large enough for posters and presentations, measuring 22.5 x 28.5 inches.

What is Ruled Writing Paper?
Ruled paper has pre-printed lines which help writers maintain regularity. The ruling size, or line spacing, is designed to suit different needs. Narrow-ruled 6-millimeter spacing allows plenty of room for notes. College ruled is the most common and features moderately dark lines spaced 7-millimeter apart. This provides a simple guide for neat, tidy writing. Wide-ruled sheets have 8-millimeter spacing and are often used in classrooms. The wide spacing helps children practice their printing.

Dotted or lightly ruled paper provides softer guidelines and is a good choice for classrooms or art studios where mixed medias are used. Graph paper offers grids that are helpful for creating architectural drafts or mathematical diagrams. Some paper features mixed ruling for more versatility.

What's the Right Paper Weight?
Paper weight is an important consideration. Standard weight paper is 15 to 16 pounds, which is adequate for most needs. Heavier 20 to 30-pound paper will resist bleeding when using ink pens. Newsprint is typically rated 30 to 35-pound. Heavy-duty jobs such as signage may require card stock, which ranges from 67 to 100-pound ratings. Specialty paper weights are also available, such as vellum, tracing paper or ruled pads with carbon copy sheets.

What Other Features are Important?
Economy, quality and durability are all important considerations when choosing ruled handwriting paper. For schools, offices and print shops, bulk amounts are often the most economical. Lined paper is available in reams of 500 sheets or cases of 1,500 to 5,000 sheets. Quality and durability are mainly determined by paper weight. However, newsprint is an exception. It is a low-cost mid-weight option because it is less refined. Thick yet inexpensive, it's the paper of choice for many classrooms.

Are There any Environmentally Friendly Options?
Yes. Brands such as Ecology and Staples provide recycled ruled writing paper products ranging from 30 to 100-percent recycled content. On one end, low-cost minimally processed newsprint saves energy and uses fewer chemical treatments. High-quality acid-free paper is another eco-friendly option, as the paper is more durable and lasts longer. The manufacturing process is low-waste and produces significantly less carbon than other processes.

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