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Stylish shoes for boys and girls are quick and easy to put on. Choose shoes that are appropriate for the classroom or more formal occasions. Get the most out of them with accessories such as laces and shoe horns.

Everyday Shoes
Choose shoes appropriate for studying at school, playing, or going out for any occasion. Active shoes give your child the freedom to play while still being appropriately dressed for the classroom. Padded footbeds provide maximum comfort. Adjustable straps help make shoes perfect for many activities—let your kid be a kid with shoes that work for going out on the playground while still being appropriate for school.

Formal Shoes
Adorable shoes perfect for events or just for school. Finish dressing up your child in a stylish outfit with these great-looking shoes. Shoes with self-close straps are easy to put on and make for quick getting ready in the morning. Non-marking, nonslip soles keep your child safe and floors clean. Sturdy construction makes the shoes stay in great shape well after your child outgrows them. Keep your children looking fashionable while keeping them safe.

Get the best out of your shoes with simple accessories. Shoe horns prevent your child from bending or stopping when putting on shoes, and they won't snag socks or stockings. Elastic shoe and sneaker laces stay tied for maximum safety and comfort. Quality elastic laces allow your kids to slip their shoes on and off quickly and easily, without having to unite and retie the laces. A shoe rack helps keep shoe collections nice and tidy, and shows off your stylish footwear.

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Lifestyle Essentials Max Metal Shoe Horn
Item : 1036879
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  • Blue, Metal
  • Prevents bending or stooping when putting on shoes
  • 23.00"L x 1.00"W x 1.00"H
22.29 $22.29
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Lifestyle Essentials Elastic Shoe and Sneaker Laces
Item : SS3277533
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  • Available Colors: Black, Brown, White; Material: Elastic
  • Elastic laces that stay tied, in place and allow you to easily slip your shoe on and off
  • 27.00"L x 0.10"W x 0.10"H
As low as 21.49 $21.49
Multiple options available
Lifestyle Essentials Extra Long Shoe Horn
Item : SS3277547
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  • Available Colors: Blue, Dark Blue; Material: Plastic
  • Prevents bending or stooping when putting on shoes
  • 22.50"L x 1.00"W x 1.00"H
As low as 15.79 $15.79
Multiple options available