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Choose from shredder accessories to keep your valuable shredders performing at their best. Lubricant sheets are a convenient and quick way to reduce blade friction. Choose the proper bag to fit in the waste receptacle for easy disposal.

For Busy Machines
To ensure the long life of your shredders and keep them working at peak performance, choose from the selection of shredder blade oils to reduce blade friction and prevent excessive wear and tear. Pick from environmentally friendly oils and convenient tip extensions to ensure full coverage of the blades. For larger commercial shredders, stock up on handy, gallon-sized bottles for continual maintenance.

Convenient Maintenance
Prevent drips and ensure full coverage of your shredder blades with easy-to-use lubricant sheets for your midsize and smaller shredders. Simply pass the sheets through along with your regular material to be shredded and ensure reliable performance. Run the sheets through the regular setting and again in reverse for best results and full blade coverage. For businesses that need to upgrade, choose from the extensive selection of shredders to best suit your needs.

Easy Disposal
For easy disposal of your shredded material, the assortment of waste bags is specifically manufactured for shredded waste. Lightweight but durable, they conveniently fit in the waste receptacle for simple disposal. For the environmentally conscious, choose self-sealing paper bags made from recycled material to reduce your company's carbon footprint.

Clean Air
To keep your office space clean and comfortable, especially in areas where a large amount of shredding is conducted, install portable air filters that trap fine dust and particles. Cleaner air makes for a healthier, cleaner workspace.

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