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7200 dpi
Kodak Scanza RODFS35 Desktop Photo Scanner, BlackKodak Scanza RODFS35 Desktop Photo Scanner, Black
Item #24328345
Model #RODFS35
  • Adjustable scanning resolution, brightness + coloration
  • Compatible with PC + Mac
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Plustek OpticFilm 8200i SE Film Scanner, 7200 dpi
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Item #1142600
Model #RU7255
  • Film and slide scanner is ideal for web sharing and printing scans
  • 7200 dpi resolution for high quality images
Use slide scanners to digitize old photos from negative films. Available with different features such as screen size, quality, resolution, film type, length, and storage, these scanners create images that are easy to store, edit, share, and delete. They're compact and lightweight to carry and use. Find slide scanners at Staples with other scanners and accessories such as adapters, carrying cases, cleaning papers, and service kits.

High-definition quality images
For quality images, opt for scanners with high resolutions such as 14-megapixel (MP) sensors with interpolating settings of up to 22MP resolution that captures images from the film. The high resolution identifies small details to produce crisp photos with high-definition (HD) clarity for printing large photos. They have adjustable scanning, brightness, and coloration resolutions for users to edit and enhance images to their specifications before scanning. These scanners save images in JPEG format, which compresses them while maintaining the quality of the picture.

The display spectrum of slide scanners
These scanners come with a 3.5-inch LCD screen where users can preview photos while scanning the negatives. This helps to reduce the time spent transferring each photo before further processing. Some screens have built-in, HD color displays with adjustable brightness to provide a clear view before editing the photos. Select displays that tilt let users view images and operate buttons at convenient angles.

Scanners with various file storage and connectivity solutions
They have microSD card slots for users who want to save and store their photos. Some scanners support up to 128GB SD cards, providing sufficient storage memory for large files. Some offer connectivity options, such as USB cables, to transfer images from scanners to computers. Users can preview pictures by connecting to larger screens or projectors via HDMI.

What type and size do film scanners support?
Some can scan, process, and save 35mm, 126, 110, super 8, and 8mm negatives. Select devices come with three horizontal adapter trays and inserts for placing different sizes of films in the negative scanner. They support color negatives, slide positives, black and white film types, converting them to formats that are easy to store and share.

Can you save and view photos in the slide scanners?
These scanners have an easy-to-use operative interface for smooth navigation. Their LCD screens have three soft keys for scrolling through the menu options. Some have menu options with helpful program trays and insert directories to guide users on what to choose based on the film type. This provides a simple navigation option to view and edit saved images in the gallery. Insert trays are easy to load for smooth workflows. They offer fast scanning solutions for bulk tasks by letting users view images they have scanned.

Can you connect them with other devices?
These scanners are compatible with devices, such as laptops, mobile phones, desktops, and printers, that run on Windows, Android, iOS, and macOS operating systems. These scanners also feature durable construction so that users can carry them to various sites when working.