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Royal Wooden Taster Spoons, 3.5", 1000/pack, 10 Pack/carton
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  • Lightweight
  • Disposable
Wooden spoons by trusted brands such as Medline are a handy spoon product to dispense wet mixtures, such as medication mixtures. They can also be useful for crafts and other projects in home and office settings. Most wooden spoons are latex-free, making them safe for people with latex allergies.

Great for Crafts and More
Wooden spoons are useful for applying and stirring wet mixtures used in crafts and home-improvement projects. They are a good tool for spreading certain glues, applying epoxy resin, and mixing or spreading small amounts of paint. The wooden spoons themselves can also be painted and glued together to create fun and creative craft projects for kids.

Economical Food Utensil
Wooden spoons are a great option when you need a cheap and disposable serving utensil. They are perfect for eating ice cream or shaved ice at office parties, picnics, or when you are on the go. Wooden spoons are also an ideal choice to accompany food samples in disposable portion cups. If you are serving condiments like butter or jam, wooden spoons work as a nice spreading utensil. You can enjoy using wooden spoons knowing they are more friendly to the environment than plastic utensils.

Essential Medical and Beauty Supply
Wooden spoons are an essential tool in medical settings. They can be used for dispensing medications, collecting samples for laboratory testing, and performing patient inspections and checkups. Wooden spoons are also handy for dispensing beauty products in a sanitary manner. Multiple users can sample from one beauty product at your store without spreading germs. Most wooden spoons are latex-free, making them safe for people with latex allergies.