Paint Supplies

Keep the office looking fresh.
Paint supplies keep things looking their best inside and outside the office. Keeping office walls looking sharp and building exteriors protected from the elements is all part of a day-in-the-office-life of your maintenance crew. Give your team the tools they need to keep the office looking its best.

Exterior paint.
Our selection of exterior paint includes acrylic paint in a variety of finishes designed to cover and freshen the look of building exteriors. Direct-to-metal acrylic helps protect outdoor machinery, pipes, fencing, and other metal services. Anti-slip floor and deck coating provides a textured, anti-slip surface for pedestrian-grade floors in mild industrial and commercial settings. And striping paint is used for creating or refreshing stripes in parking lots, marking curbs, and identifying accessible parking areas.

Interior paint.
Keep the office looking fresh with our interior painting supplies. These include low-odor, water-based primer that keeps the office free of chemical smells, as well as traditional primer and paint for all interior surfaces.

Spray paint.
We carry spray paint from major manufacturers like Rust-oleum, Krylon and Testors. Spray paint can help to cover marks on floors and ceilings, mark off safety areas during construction, and create banners and temporary signage.

Paint accessories.
At Staples, you’ll find paint rolling supplies – including roller covers, roller frames, extension poles and paint trays – that let your maintenance team quickly and easily cover the walls of offices and common areas with a fresh coat or a new color. We also carry paint brushes for covering smaller areas or for cutting in, as well as brushes for art projects and painting 3D models. And you’ll find all the paint buckets, solvents, drop cloths and other paint accessories you need to finish the job.