Custom Headphones & Speakers

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Promotional and custom products provide businesses with a way to spread the word about products and services. Technology items, such as Bluetooth® speakers, provide a useful product for those who have smart devices including cellphones, tablets, and laptops. They come in a wide selection of sizes, colors, styles, and quantities for home and professional use.

Bluetooth speakers make it easy to stream music from a device and amplify the sound much like a stereo system. You can use them in nearly any room such as a dining room or bathroom for background music, or hook them up in a conference room to provide a custom sound system for presentations. Some are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand while others need a designated space to function properly. To keep them handy, many come with a stand so you can set them up with the device of your choice. Smaller units often include a wrist strap to keep it secure or a hook to hang it up.

Staples® offers Bluetooth speakers and other technology items that you can design to feature your custom logo and business information in individual, small, or bulk quantities. Use them as promotional giveaways, fundraising items, or gifts for employees around the holiday season.
  • Practical and useful marketing tools
  • Customized speakers add volume to your advertising
  • Personalized tech items make a great giveaway item your customers will use again and again
  • Choose between small and large quantities to best suit your needs
  • Create your own design and easily upload

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As low as $1.89 each by style
As low as $1.89 each by style
Choose from a large variety of products to fit your needs.
Specifications will vary by type of product chosen.
Delivery times vary by product, style and quantity.
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Quantity varies by style
As low as $1.89 each

* Starting quantities, prices and customization charges vary by style.  Design now for a quote.