Art Markers

The right tools are essential for every home, classroom, and office. Art markers come in an endless variety of colors, styles and widths so you can find the perfect implements for nurturing your child's creativity or enhancing your own hobby. Whether you need fine-tip permanent markers for your craft room or washable markers for your children, search through the large selection of brands and styles in Staples' inventory of school supplies.

Stock Up Quickly With Sets of Art Markers
Many brands offer art markers in sets of various colors. These usually include bright colors and a selection of gray and neutral shades. Some sets include 10 markers, while larger boxes may hold up to 100 markers or more. There are broad tip and fine tip markers, and some that have two different tips on either end of the body. One side is usually a fine point and the other side is usually a wide or chisel-style marker.

Along with different tip styles, you can also find marker sets with numerous varieties of ink. Water-based washable markers are good for children since they can be cleaned from most surfaces. There are several types of permanent ink, most of which are alcohol or oil-based and are nontoxic. Choose acid-free ink for delicate or permanent projects such as journaling or scrapbooking.

Choose Gel Ink or Brush Pens for More Variety
For projects that require fine point drawing in numerous colors, gel pens may be a good option. These are designed specifically to ensure consistent ink flow and come in many colors including pastels, neon, primary and metallic colors. Glitter gel pens provide additional sparkle in several unique colors.

Brush-style markers offer artists numerous color and width options. Most brush markers or pens have a conical felt or nylon brush tip. This flexible tip varies the width of the line depending on the pressure and angle the artist uses. Some styles include a fine tip at the other end of the pen and most use nontoxic ink. Water-based inks may allow artists to blend colors easily and create a watercolor effect.

What Are the Benefits of Liquid Chalk Markers?
Liquid chalk art markers come in many colors and can work on several nonporous surfaces such as glass, ceramic and chalkboard paint. These write smoothly and easily but appear like chalk when dry. They add style and color to household items, restaurant boards and crafts.

What Are Paint Markers?
Paint markers use oil-based ink that writes on a variety of surfaces including glass, metal, plastic and fabric. These markers are permanent and water-resistant, so they work well for crafts with materials other than paper. They come in a variety of bright, opaque colors such as yellow, white, orange, red and green.

Are There Specialty Art Markers Available?
There are additional types of calligraphy markers available with unique capabilities. Some have specially shaped tips that work like stamps. There are also scented kids markers that are especially popular with children. These nontoxic markers include scented ink that corresponds to the color.