Bankers Office Chairs

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Office chairs provide the support and comfort that users need for extended periods of sitting. A banker's design offers the unmistakable back slats and wood finish that is ideal for pairing with any vintage decor. Staples carries several models of banker-style chairs, ensuring an option that provides comfort and visual appeal in any office.

Banker's Chairs Have Finishes for any Office
Office chairs in the banker's style come in several different wood finishes that complement any workplace. Fruitwood options pair well with traditional and casual areas. Dark finishes like cherry and espresso add a professional look to any office and are ideal for vintage spaces. Consider white finishes for a contemporary look. Black provides a touch of elegance and works well with leather, metal and glass. Match chair colors to the desk, shelving units or other furniture in an office to create a cohesive space that is warm and inviting.

Built-in Features Add Comfort
The banker's chair style features arms that provide support for the shoulders and keep the wrists in the proper position to reduce fatigue and increase comfort. Lumbar support helps place the spine in proper alignment when sitting for extended periods, providing an ergonomic seating option. Mid-back models offer plenty of support for the back to minimize stiffness during typing and other activities. Chairs with high backs keep the back, shoulders and neck aligned throughout long work days. Chairs without arms facilitate easier movement and provide plenty of space that minimizes restriction and discomfort. Look for options with contoured backs and arms for increased support and comfort through most office tasks. Carpet casters keep the chair rolling smoothly over carpet, tile, wood and other hard flooring.

Additional Features Provide Individual Comfort
Office chairs are available with multiple features that let users create individualized comfort. Adjustable seat height ensures a proper seating position at most desks and minimizes pressure on the legs. Banker's chairs with tilt functionality let workers stretch and change positions when answering phones without leaving the seated position. Adjustable tension and tilt lock features provide enhanced control over the pressure required for reclining and how far the chair goes back, ensuring an ideal option for each user's height and weight. Padded seat cushions minimize discomfort after long periods of sitting, and the increased contouring helps maintain proper blood flow in the legs.

Create Professional Spaces with Vintage Decor
The vintage look of banker-style chairs makes them an ideal option for offices that want to promote a professional look that captures the prestige of older companies. Pair banker models with solid wood decor and crown moldings for an authentic vintage experience. Use this type of chair around large conference tables and create a space that promotes comfort and maintains a professional appearance for both workers and clients. Consider adding a banker's chair as client and visitor seating on the opposite side of desks, ensuring a seating option that makes long meetings and waiting more comfortable.

Staples offers a variety of banker-style office chairs that add to any decor. With models that have built-in and additional features available, it is simple to provide office seating that provides support and comfort throughout the day.