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Buslink External Hard Drives

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Prevent critical information loss with a BUSlink® external hard drive. These devices automatically backup data, providing a restore point in the event of computer failure. Staples® carries a selection of BUSlink external hard drives as well as other storage components for the safekeeping of information.

BUSlink External Hard Drives Offer Both Portable and Stationary Options
BUSlink On-the-Go devices are lightweight and small enough to fit in a pocket or backpack. Their durable exterior makes them rugged enough for travel, and their metal alloy construction helps dissipate heat. Ranging in storage capacity from 500GB to 2TB, BUSlink portable drives can be used to store entire music and entertainment libraries. They can also store gaming profile information for quick connections and reduced lag time. Ports include an eSATA interface for transfer speeds up to 5.0 Gbps as well as a standard 3.0 USB connection. These portable drives feature a variety of colorful exteriors to match your other devices. Compatible with both PC and MAC platforms, these versatile drives can be used on the go with nearly any computer.

Desktop models contain the same features as portable drives, as well as multiple USB ports for connecting peripherals such as printers, laptops, and data storage banks. These allow users to easily transfer data directly between devices without clogging bandwidth. Stationary hard drives may also feature security upgrades and extra Cipher Keys, depending on the model.

BUSlink External Hard Drives Provide Advanced Security
Both portable and desktop BUSlink drives feature an innovative cryptography algorithm software called BUSlink CipherShield. This software protects sensitive stored files and comes with a removable access key, called a Cipher Key, that prevents unauthorized access to information stored on the drive. The drive's removable key features an embedded security chip, preventing unauthorized access in the event of loss or theft..

Who Can Benefit From an External Hard Drive?
Anyone who uses a computer can appreciate the extra storage and security provided by an external drive. Portable drives such as BUSlink Disk On-the-Go models allow users to travel with their complete music, eBook, and video libraries. Desktop drives provide plenty of storage for businesses, and can be configured to password-protect sensitive files and folders. Data encryption provides extra security, preventing access from unauthorized users. With their enhanced security options, BUSlink external drives conform to HIPAA regulations for client privacy, making them excellent for use by healthcare professionals, legal firms, and other businesses that require confidentiality.

What Sizes of External Hard Drive Are Available?
Consider the amount of storage you need. A 250GB drive can handle most music libraries and provides portable storage. To backup large databases, programs and movie files, consider at least 500GB, which can hold entire operating systems. A 1TB hard drive can hold up to 200,000 songs, approximately 17,000 hours of listening time. It's also enough room to hold over 132,000 eBooks. It's better to have too much storage space than too little, so choose a size that allows room for your file collection to grow.

How Often Should Files Be Backed up With BUSlink External Hard Drives?
The frequency of your backups depends on your computer usage. Those who upload, download, edit, or access multiple files regularly should backup files on a daily basis. Someone who uses the computer primarily to check email, play games and visit social media sites could schedule weekly automatic backups. BUSlink drives can easily be configured to automate backups, which can be set to any schedule you desire.