Chalk Markers

Create bold, vivid designs on nearly any surface with a set of chalk markers. They make it simple to create store window ads and signs to draw in business or for kids and adults alike to channel their inner artist at home. Staples carries a wide variety of markers to fit both personal and professional artistic needs.

Use Chalk Pens to Write on Multiple Surfaces
From windows and windshields to outdoor signs, dry erase boards and light boards, this liquid chalk product creates bright, vivid marks on a wide variety of surfaces. The opaque, water-based formula delivers solid, pigmented color with every use. The vibrant hues draw attention to whatever surface they appear on, making them the ideal choice for alerting customers to sales and specials or for making bright, clearly visible signs and artwork at home.

Create Different Designs With Multi-faceted Tips
Markers with a chisel point tip allow users to create both fine and broad marks while writing and drawing. Easily switch between the two by simply switching to another edge of the pen tip. Reversible models feature differently shaped applicators on each end of the tip. To switch between them, simply pull the tip out and flip it around before placing it back in the marker to change brush styles.

What Color Options Are Available?
There are a number of bright, eye-catching color options to choose from when selecting a chalk marker. Many permanent markers come in various florescent shades including blue, green, yellow, orange, purple and pink. Manufacturers also offer the more traditional black and white hues as well as pastel colors like soft violet, peppermint, light pink and peach.

Are Chalk Pens Safe to Use Around Kids and Pets?
Yes. Created using only non-toxic materials, these markers are dust-free, odor-free and eco-friendly. The dust-free formula is ideal for asthma and allergy sufferers since they don't emit any particles or fumes that could agitate symptoms. They are typically recommended for children ages 3 and up. As with many art supplies, small children should be supervised by an adult while using these products.

How do you Remove Liquid Chalk from Surfaces?
Liquid chalk is quick and easy to remove from nearly any surface. Simply wipe with a damp cloth and watch as it disappears. The easy-off formula also makes it simple to edit signs and drawings or add new information without changing the original design.

Do They Work on Chalkboards?
Designed specifically for use with smooth, non-porous surfaces, these art markers are suitable for use on some, but not all, types of chalkboards. Test new markers on a small section of the intended area and let dry to see how easily the marker comes off the chalkboard before continuing with a non-permanent design.

How Do You Store Them?
Each dry erase marker comes complete with a cap to help keep them from drying out. Once finished writing and drawing with the pen, simply pop the cap back on and store in a cool dry place. Markers will last longer when stored vertically with their caps down and are the perfect addition to any school supplies list.