Cleaning Brushes

Cleaning brushes help you remove spots and stains throughout the home or office. From options for maintaining the appearance of bathrooms to those that keep grout clean and remove deposits, Staples® carries a variety of brushes and scrubbing sponges that meet the needs of most janitorial crews and homeowners.

Cleaning Brushes for Any Job
Brushes let users get into smaller areas without touching contaminated water or harsh cleaning supplies. Toilet bowl brushes feature smaller heads that reach under rims and into the neck for removing dirt and hard water stains. Scrub brushes include an easy-to-grip handle and stiff bristles for removing stuck-on dirt and debris. Grout brushes have long, angled handles and smaller heads for cleaning along brickwork, masonry, and tiles. A dish brush is convenient and some even have a soap container in the handle for quick cleanups in the kitchen. Consider a utility brush for spot cleaning carpets or upholstery. Deck brushes have large, full heads that cover large areas of concrete or wood flooring.

Bristle Options for Cleaning Brushes
The bristles on a cleaning brush impact its durability and use with certain solvents. Nylon options resist abrasions and bending for long-lasting use. This material withstands contact with many chemical cleansers and resists temperatures up to 350-degrees Fahrenheit. Polypropylene fibers provide a budget friendly choice, but the fibers do bend over time. Polypropylene resists damage from acid, chemicals, and oils, and minimizes fungus or mold growth after water exposure. Natural horsehair sweeps polished surfaces without leaving scratches and cleans up smaller particles. Polyester bristles resist abrasion, oxidation, and bending when used in high temperatures. Polyester also doesn't absorb water, which reduces the chances of the bristles molding.

What Handle Materials Are Available on Cleaning Brushes?
Brushes for cleaning come in different materials for the handles as well. Plastic grips don't absorb water or bacteria, making them a good choice for restrooms and flooring. Wood handles work well for cleaning with dry substances or foam. Stainless steel provides durability that withstands frequent use and scrubbing for stain removal.

Do Cleaning Brushes Come With Different Bristle Colors?
The bristles on cleaning brushes come in different colors for use in varying circumstances. Black and brown fibers resist staining and don't show dirt as quickly as other colors. Choose red, yellow, and green options for use with hazardous cleaning materials or areas. Clear, white, and gray show dirt faster, providing a clear indicator for when they need replacement. You can also use different color bristles for use with specific cleansers so workers know which brushes to use for which tasks.

Are There Different Handle Options for Cleaning Brushes?
Handles come in different colors that pair well with different decorating schemes and teams. Use white, gray, or black handles in kitchens and bathrooms for a modern look. Assign specific handle colors to different cleaning teams for a uniform, professional look, or when keeping track of supplies.

Do Cleaning Brushes Have Additional Features?
Many toilet brushes include a matching caddy for storing wet brushes and protecting the floor. Look for models with spring-loaded closures for added security against tips and falls. Holes in the handles let you hang brushes on carts for simple transportation, or on hooks for quick drying.

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