Minor Prodedure Trays

Keep minor procedure trays ready for immediate patient care when dealing with simple laceration, drainage, and debridement procedures. The packaging assures you and your patient that you're dealing with safe and sterile equipment. Save clinical time by having everything you need right at hand.

Debridement Trays
Keep debridement trays on hand for easy use with several minor procedures. Typical trays contains tools such as straight iris scissors, Adson forceps, curved mosquito forceps, scalpels, gauze, gloves, and wraps. Trays are delivered sterile and antiseptic to keep your procedures sanitary.

Laceration Trays
When you're dealing with a laceration injury in your clinic or office, reach for a pre-packaged, sterile laceration tray. Adson forceps give you the tools you need to treat the wound. The kit is latex-free for your patients' protection and comes with a paper fenestrated drape.

General Purpose Trays
Be ready for any minor procedure in your clinic or office with a pre-packed general purpose minor procedure tray that includes iris scissors, mosquito forceps, and much more. Because these sterile trays come latex-free, you avoid triggering any dangerous allergies. Add a full supply of gauze bandages to your exam room to have everything right at hand when caring for wounds and lacerations.

Incision and Drainage Trays
Minor procedures involving incision and drainage become simple with a pre-packaged tray including straight Kelly forceps, serrated Adson thumb forceps, and a number 11 scalpel. Your kit provides you with plenty of absorbent material, including gauze dressing, a poly-backed towel, and swab sticks. In addition, a fenestrated drape lets you focus on the wound while allowing the patient a little protection and security.