Glove Dispensers

Glove dispensers make gloves available to doctors, nurses, and chemists, among others, without having to dig through drawers to find them. They are available as universal designs, wireframes, or clear dispensers, so you can tell which gloves you're choosing. They can be placed on the wall or on tables for your convenience.

Gloves within Easy Reach
If you're looking for ways to store gloves, the universal glove box holder is perfect for your office. It holds gloves where you can reach them, so you can use them while applying adhesive bandages or treating wounds.

Simple Design
The simple design of the glove dispensers makes them ideal for boxes of gloves from many brands. The dispenser holds gloves without restricting them, so you can grab a pair quickly.

Universal Designs
You might have different sizes of gloves for your office, so you need a holder that works with them all. Universal-size glove dispensers help keep your office functional.