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Invalid Rings

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Use invalid rings to relieve discomfort caused by long periods of sitting or bad posture. Invalid rings are a quick and easy solution that ensures more comfortable seating and an improved work experience. Choose from materials such as therapeutic foam or latex-free plastic.

Invalid rings adapt to your body's particular contours to evenly distribute weight. The cushion's open center relieves pressure and helps improve lower back pain, making for a more enjoyable sitting experience. Invalid rings are available in therapeutic foam or latex-free plastic; whichever you find more comfortable.

Invalid rings are an affordable fix to a persistent problem. Instead of masking your back pain with anti-inflammatories, invalid rings get to the root of the problem by correcting your posture and ensuring that your body is in the right position. Also consider adding comfortable office chairs to your office inventory to complement your new cushion.

Invalid rings are small and easy to take on the go. Store your invalid ring at the office, or pack it in your carry-on for a more relaxing flight experience. Plastic inflatable rings travel especially well, as they can be inflated and deflated as necessary. If your invalid ring has a cover, don't forget to wash it after a trip.

Because invalid rings provide a more comfortable sitting experience, these cushions can also improve your work experience. Find relief from hours of sitting at your computer with this simple and easy solution. Arrive home happy, sleep better because you're not tossing and turning trying to find a position that doesn't aggravate your back, be in a better mood at work, and improve your overall well-being.

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Medline Plastic Inflatable Invalid Rings, 17" x 15" Size, 20/Pack
Item: 110096 / Model : DYND70146
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  • 17" x 15" Size
  • Latex-free
  • Plastic Material
27.69 $27.69
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Medline Foam Invalid Rings Without Cover
Item: SS1102214
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  • Latex-free
  • Foam Material
  • Cover not Included
As low as 30.89 $30.89
Multiple options available
Medline Foam Invalid Rings with Cover
Item: SS1102215
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  • Latex-free
  • Foam Material
  • Cover Included
As low as 39.19 $39.19
Multiple options available