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Intel ® Desktop/Wall-Mountable Server Chassis, 4 x 3.5" Bay (P4304XXMUXX)Intel ® Desktop/Wall-Mountable Server Chassis, 4 x 3.5" Bay (P4304XXMUXX)
Item #IM1XK2410
Model #P4304XXMUXX
  • Server chassis for Intel ® server board S2600CW with default of four 3.5" fixed drives support
  • Dimensions: 6.84"H x 24.9"W x 17.24"D
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Server cases house multiple server units, storage drives, motherboards, and peripheral equipment in one place. Desktop and mountable cases save space, promote organization, and increase productivity. The size of a company’s network determines the size of the server chassis. Large networks require more storage space. Small networks use less space and require a smaller unit. Look for cases with additional storage to support network growth.

Server chassis specifications
A server chassis holds many components. Server cases vary in size depending on the need of the business. Standard features include a standard control panel, internal 3.5-inch bays, expansion bays, power connectors, SATA cable ports, hot-swap bezel and a high current power distribution board. Multiple hot-swap fans and a processor/memory air duct ensure that the unit remains cool and properly ventilated. Front-facing drives provide easy access.

Choosing the right model
Server cases come in different styles and sizes. Storage bays allow room for additional components. Tower units hold a vertical motherboard, front-facing optical drives, and rear-facing input and output connectors. Economically priced towers support small networks. Pedestal cases mirror tower cases, although they hold larger motherboards. A passive cooling system replaces traditional fans. It runs quietly in the background while still cooling components.

Rackmount server cases accommodate two sizes of server racks. Adaptable cases support 19- and 23-inch units with adjustable mounting brackets. Common rackmount server cases come in four sizes: 1U, 2U, 3U, and 4U. Small organizations choose the less expensive 1U unit for compact storage. Medium-sized businesses use 2U or 3U racks. Larger companies typically choose 4U rackmount cases. Cases range up to 7U. Manufacturers recommend housing larger cases in temperature-controlled areas. Gamers use large cases to hold the necessary components to ensure high-quality graphics and speed.

Are tower units and pedestal units the same?
No, but the two units have similarities, including front-facing drives. Pedestal units hold larger motherboards. Towers and pedestals fit under desks or on top of workstations for easy access.

What is a rack unit?
A rack unit measures the height of one server component. One rack unit (RU) equals 1.75 inches. A 2U rack is 2x1.75 or 3.5 inches high. A 3U height is 5.25 inches and so forth. The number of components determines which rack unit is needed.

What is the benefit of a 4U rack system?
A standard 4U rack system holds up to 24 hard drives for maximum storage. Additional storage allows room to grow. Downsides of larger units include high power use, more heat, and extra costs.

What is a server rack cabinet?
A server rack cabinet organizes components necessary to operate an information technology (IT) network or high demand computer system. A cabinet encloses the components while an open rack system leaves them exposed. Server cabinets have ventilation slots for airflow. Locks add a layer of security.

Can users combine multiple tower cases?
Multiple tower cases show a lack of sufficient storage. Consider purchasing larger tower units or combine components into a rackmount system. Larger units save space in the work area and keep components organized.

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