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Magnavox TVs

When choosing among the several models of Magnavox® TVs, useful features and sizes help buyers match their television to their viewing needs. Smart, combo and LED-LCD TVs each appeal to customers for different reasons. Staples® offers these televisions from a brand known worldwide since 1917.

Magnavox TVs Integrate With Different Types of Entertainment
With a built-in DVD player, a combo TV allows viewers to watch favorite videos and save costs on online rentals. This TV includes an integrated digital tuner that receives signals for local broadcast stations, important for keeping up to date on community events. Televisions with LCD panels and LED lights work together to magnify color intensity while using less electricity. The LED technology creates balance between bright and dark areas of the screen.

Magnavox Smart TVs give buyers access to real-time online content and popular apps through the built-in LAN wireless internet connection. Users experience improved sound quality due to DTS TruSurround™ technology and digital noise reduction. The 4K smart TV upscales lower resolution content for picture clarity.

Compare Features of Magnavox TVs
Each TV includes an enhanced accessibility feature to include a voice-activated menu, suitable for all users, and raised guide dots on the remote for the visually and hearing impaired. Also inclusive to all models is the ENERGY STAR® certification for reduced energy usage. HDMI inputs are available for achieving optimum sound and picture quality.

Owners use the PC input to attach a monitor and the JPEG Photo Viewer for sharing photos. The TVs have narrow bezels for a sleek look that optimizes the viewing area.  Viewers who own Smart TVs can update firmware and software without needing a USB storage device.

What Sizes of Magnavox TVs Are Available?
Buyers have different needs based on room size and number of viewers, so the brand produces a range of sizes. A 32-inch TV fits comfortably in a kitchen or bedroom with the same features as larger TVs. Buyers also could fit this size into a garage or workshop. The next size up, 40 to 43 inches, is a comfortable fit in a family or living room. The largest sizes, around 50 to 55 inches, work well in a home theater environment.

How Important is Resolution When Buying Magnavox TVs?
Shoppers have a range of screen resolutions from which to choose, and their input source is a key factor in getting the right experience. A 1080p resolution works well with cable systems, while 4K resolution, or ultra-high definition, is suitable for streaming videos. A 720p-resolution TV does well with broadcasting and DVD content. TVs with more pixels or higher resolutions have sharper and clearer images, and viewers can sit closer to the unit, a consideration for setting up the viewing area.

Should the Refresh Rate Matter When Buying Magnavox TVs?
When you're viewing fast-moving content, a higher refresh rate cuts down on blurriness because it updates the screen's images more often. Since these TVs have a motion rate of 120 Hertz, viewers should expect clear, smooth pictures when watching sports and action content.
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Magnavox® 32" LED TV/DVD Combo, 31 1/2", 720p, Black (32MD304V)
Item : MVX32MD304V / Model : 32MD304V
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  • LED TV with built-in DVD player.
  • LED/DVD combo with a built-in capable DVD player, integrated digital tuner, the 32MD304V enriches the total viewing experience with its 720p HD picture, LED backlight, DTS TruSurround™ audio and versatile set of AV inputs.
  • Brand: Magnavox®
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