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MicroNet External Hard Drives

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Protect important data and backup files with a MicroNet external hard drive. With up to 6TB of storage and enhanced data retrieval speeds, these drives can hold entire libraries of material. Staples® carries a comprehensive selection of MicroNet external hard drives for both personal and office use.

MicroNet External Hard Drives Offer Versatility
External hard drives provide an inexpensive and convenient way to backup and store computer information. They can hold large numbers of files and operations, reducing the load on your computer's internal drive. Both portable and desktop models are compatible with PC and Mac operating systems, so they can be used with nearly all computers. Most external hard drives utilize simple plug-and-play installation, making it quick and easy to transfer information from a device to the drive.

As well as traditional file backup and storage, MicroNet Fantom hard drives are commonly used as backup for the PS4™ and other gaming consoles. By adding an external drive to a gaming console, downloadable games and player information can be stored remotely for faster load times, reduced lag and portable access. For flexible connectivity, many hard drives offer both a USB interface and an eSATA port. Serial Advancement Technology Attachment (SATA) ports process information at speeds up to 600 Mbps.

MicroNet External Hard Drives Store Vast Quantities of Data
When choosing an external hard drive, consider the storage capacity. One terabyte (TB) of storage holds approximately 500 hours of movies or 200,000 songs. MicroNet hard drives range in storage capacity from 500GB to 6TB. Generally, desktop models offer more storage than portable drives.

How Do You Back Up to a MicroNet External Hard Drive?
External hard drives are versatile, offering a number of ways to transfer data and create backups. Files can be transferred using drag and drop or copy and paste. Files and programs can also be accessed directly from the drive, bypassing the computer, which can speed run times. Most external hard drives include software which allows you to schedule automated backups at daily, weekly, or monthly intervals.

What is a Portable Hard Drive?
A portable hard drive is compact and designed for travel. These drives connect to a computer using a USB, eSATA, or FireWire cable, and charge via a USB connection. They are often used as a secondary hard drive or to increase the size of a standard hard drive. A portable hard drive saves space on small desks while providing plenty of storage, ranging from 500GB to 1TB.

MicroNet portable hard drives are available in several different styles. Brushed silver silicone exteriors offer a contemporary style and a resilient housing. Black aluminum matches any decor and protects the drive from bumps and dings. Most come with a protective carrying pouch for travel.

What is the Difference Between a Portable and Desktop Hard Drive?
For work or a home office, a desktop model provides both speed and power. A stationary drive is typically larger than a portable drive, with a capacity of up to 6TB. They usually sit flat on a desktop and are designed to be stationary. Desktop models plug into a wall outlet rather than a USB port.They may also feature multiple ports for connecting peripheral devices, as well as advanced security features.