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Reference books help you develop skills that can assist you in going further in your career, getting into graduate school, or even fixing your car. Read through the books while waiting for your doctor, riding the bus, or whenever you have a few spare moments to educate yourself.

Prepare for Tests
Search for reference books that can help you prepare for the important tests that you must take before going to graduate school or entering a professional program. Many books cover the information found on those tests. Some also include practice tests that let you determine which subjects you need to work on and which topics you know the best.

Enhance Your Vocabulary
Find new words that you can incorporate into everyday conversations with a thesaurus or dictionary. Use those books to find the history and meaning behind different words and enhance your vocabulary both at work and school.

Develop New Skills
Read through reference books that help you develop new skills. You can read books that teach you how to perform routine maintenance and make minor and major repairs on your car and books that help you become a better leader. Reading biography and autobiography books lets you see what traits and skills helped political figures and other famous faces become major leaders and important figures in their industries.

Learn on the Go
Use audio books when you have limited time to sit down and read. With compact discs and other types of audio books, including media files and CDs, you can get all the information that you want while driving in your car.

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