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MediClip™ Surgical Clippers
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  • Surgical Clippers Type
  • Latex-free
Proper sanitation before surgery helps to uphold medical standards and keep patients safe. Incorrect hair removal or using razors could lead to small cuts on the skin that leave patients vulnerable to infection. Surgical clippers are a great way to lower the risk of surgical site infections.

Quick and Easy Hair Removal
Electric surgical clippers make quick work of removing body hair that might be otherwise difficult to clear away, so that you can dedicate your time to other important tasks. Choose a set of clippers with multiple blade options so that hair removal is simple on any area of the body. Some clippers come with blades for thicker hair, thinner hair, and areas with loose skin, resulting in a more comfortable experience for doctor and patient.

Simple to Clean
Choosing a pair of surgical clippers with an ergonomic handle won't just make using them a breeze, it'll make cleaning them easy, too. The handle on a set of surgical clippers is easy to wipe down and sterilize, resulting in savings over time since you're not throwing away razors. Using disposable clipper blades helps to avoid spreading infections from patient to patient.

Improved Patient Safety
Maintaining surgical safety standards is imperative to a thriving medical practice. Surgical clippers are designed to cut above the skin and avoid contact with the skin itself, reducing the risk of potentially fatal infections that result from cuts in the skin. When you're finished shaving the patient, complete the hair removal process with a surgical prep mitt to easily remove any excess hair or debris from the skin around the shaved area.