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Stock up on male and female urinals to ensure that immobile patients recuperating from illness, injury, or surgery can urinate safely and comfortably. Choose handheld urinals that allow for urination without getting out of bed. Explore wearable urinal bags for catheterized mobile patients.

Options for Men and Women
Choose male urinals that allow for mess-free urination in nearly any position, or opt for female urinals with a large funnel-like top that makes it easy for females to urinate in place with confidence and safety with minimal accidents.

Dignified Options for Immobile and Mobile Patients
Disposable urinal bags and drain bags can be clipped to the side of a bed or chair to collect urine from a catheterized patient. Certain urinal bags are designed to be worn discreetly underneath the clothing to ensure that catheterized patients are not impeded by wearing a catheter and can move about more freely for physical therapy and daily living activities. These bags are difficult to see and allow the patient to maintain more dignity than more visible solutions while continuing to allow the patient to remain active. Select reusable bags with drain capabilities to get more from your health care dollars.

Convenient Urination Solutions
Ensure the comfort and safety of patients in institutional facilities, hospitals and rehabilitation centers or those receiving in-home care with convenient urinals that keep the patient from getting out of bed to urinate. Urinals allow the patient to retain some independence without the need to jeopardize safety going to the bathroom. Use urinals alongside a bedside commode for convenient toileting during convalescence and recovery following accidents, injuries, illness, or surgery.

DMI® Rubber Replacement Sheath
Item #276668
Model #541-7757-0000
  • Replacement sheath
  • Contains Latex
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HealthSmart® Non-Autoclavable Male Urinal With Cover, 1 qt.
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HealthSmart® Non-Autoclavable Male Urinal With Cover, 1 qt.
Item #276663
Model #541-5076-0000HS
  • Male urinal
  • Contains Latex
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