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Packing foam rolls provide protective wrapping when you ship or pack valuable items and fill any voids in the boxes items are packed in. They provide excellent impact-protection qualities and are resistant to external elements. Lightweight and reusable, the rolls come in several dimensions for cushioning goods, ranging from appliances to computer hardware, and art or jewelry collectibles. Foam rolls are useful for wrapping irregularly shaped items, like office chairs, for shipping or storage .

Impact Qualities of Packing Foam Rolls
The foam consists of polyurethane, which manufacturers can manipulate for performance, regardless of use. Makers create polyurethane packing foam primarily for shock absorption, and it’s designed for meeting resistance, and returning the material to its original shape as resistance dissipates. The foam provides its shock-absorbing characteristic repeatedly, so it's highly desirable not only for its impact resistance but also for its extended use.

Foam Rolls Offer Other Packing and Mailing Qualities
Because polyurethane foam is so lightweight, it offers cost savings on shipping weight while acting as both a protective wrap and a void fill in packages. Savings aside, many customers prefer the foam because it’s one of the softest and most nonabrasive wrapping materials available. It’s ideal for wrapping valuable works of art; not just framed art with or without glass, but also ceramic and marble pieces. In addition, the foam is flexible, so it takes the shape of the object being wrapped. Packers can also cut the shapes and sizes they want. Finally, the foam is moisture-resistant and breathable, so it’s mildew-resistant.

Are Foam Packing Rolls Okay for Computer Circuitry?
One concern about wrapping computer circuit boards, hard drives, and memory chips for shipping is static electricity damage. While polyurethane foam doesn’t have inherent anti-static characteristics, makers add chemical additives to the material during the foam manufacturing process to ensure uniform static protection. In fact, many packagers add foam wrap around the shielding bags that manufacturers use to package computer electronics as an added measure of anti-static impact protection.

What Types and Sizes of Packing Foam Are Available?
Packing foam rolls comes in a variety of dimensions. Many rolls have perforations at 12-inch intervals, so single sheets are easy to tear from the rolls as needed. Some rolls may come in dispensers, depending on size, for easier handling.

Most foam rolls are 1/16- to a 1/2-inch thick, with air pockets in a layered or gridded pattern. The rolls vary from 12 to 24 inches in width, and from 350 to 1,200 feet in length, providing plenty of wrap for large item storage, or ongoing packing and shipping needs. Some rolls are between 1 and 3 inches thick, in 12- to 36-inch widths and 12- to 36-foot lengths. These thicker, solid pieces of foam are ideal impact-protection wraps for large items like appliances. Smaller 6-inch pads offer customized wrapping for much smaller objects. The polyurethane foam has excellent adhesive qualities; wrap the pad around the object and press and seal the edges in place. The foam doesn’t stick to the object itself.

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