Coffee Cartridges

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Pod-compatible coffee makers make it possible to produce a single cup of good java, without brewing an entire pot. Coffee cartridges come in numerous types, including cappuccino, espresso and decaffeinated, ensuring you can offer a taste that most employees and guests enjoy. Staples carries a variety of cartridges and coffee pods that work with most single-cup brewing systems.

The Numerous Flavors of Coffee Cartridges
Cartridges and pods come in flavors ranging from bold blends to subtle, decaffeinated choices. Espresso blends provide the most intense flavors, making them a good choice for those who appreciate the taste of strong coffee. Options based on origins, such as Kona and other blends, have specific flavor profiles that range from smooth and mild to aromatic and intense. Flavored products include caramel, chocolate, vanilla, hazelnut and other specialty roasts that add a hint of sweetness to the cup of brew. There are also decaffeinated blends in each of these options, providing beverage choices for those who like the taste without the added jolt.

Hot chocolate varieties provide beverages for children and others who prefer something other than coffee. Consider adding tea to the offerings for clients and employees who want something with a lighter flavor and natural ingredients. Tea cartridges come in green and black options, along with flavors that include lemon, honey and sweetened.

Package Considerations for Coffee Cartridges
Coffee cartridges come in traditional and bulk-size packages. Consider the small packs when offering multiple flavors and beverage types in smaller offices to ensure freshness. Medium-roast, traditional sizes offer plenty of flavor without strong notes, making them an optimal choice when providing beverages for multiple people. Bulk packages in single-flavor varieties let users choose their favorites and make sure there is always an available supply. Multipacks with several flavors provide plenty of choice for large staffs and those who see numerous clients and visitors.

Are Coffee Cartridges Interchangeable With All Brewing Systems?
Each single-cup brewing system offers its own line of cartridges. Some products are suitable for use in multiple machines, but users should verify compatibility to ensure each one works with their systems. There are options for Tassimo, Lavazza, Keurig and other systems, which may not work with off-brand machines. Coffee beans and cartridges made by Maxwell House, Folgers, Lipton and Starbucks provide versatility that works with most systems.

Do Coffee Cartridges Come in Specialty Options?
There are kosher cartridges that are prepared and packaged under conditions that meet the Jewish requirements. Vegan options include organic and shade-grown varieties that meet the principles of that lifestyle, ensuring visitors have an option that meets their individual needs. Consider sugar-free flavored options to increase the offerings for those who are watching calories and sugar content.

Are Coffee Cartridges Environmentally Friendly?
Most cartridges and coffee filters feature plastic packaging mixed with a paper seal. These can be separated for recycling. Some companies use packaging made from recycled materials that reduce the amount of waste in landfills. Packaging designed for composting or that breaks down over time provides a green alternative for businesses with a focus on protecting the environment.