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Chameleon Coffee Latte Cinnamon Dolce Cold Brew Coffee, Medium Dark Roast, 8 Oz., 12/Carton (12391989)Chameleon Coffee Latte Cinnamon Dolce Cold Brew Coffee, Medium Dark Roast, 8 Oz., 12/Carton (12391989)
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  • Super smooth cold brew coffee with organic whole milk is great for coffee lovers
  • Medium dark roast coffee with latte cinnamon dolce flavor
Dunkin' Donuts Cinnamin' Nutmeg, Limited Edition Holiday Ground Coffee, 11 oz. (SMU01431)Dunkin' Donuts Cinnamin' Nutmeg, Limited Edition Holiday Ground Coffee, 11 oz. (SMU01431)
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Item #24458768
Model #SMU01431
  • Winter Coffee Blend
  • Ground Coffee
Coffee is an important staple for offices and homes alike. Lots of people enjoy a mug in the morning and an afternoon cup helps office workers remain alert and productive. Keep employees at their desks instead of at the cafe by offering a variety of premium flavors such as coconut, mocha, French vanilla and cinnamon coffee from top brands like Green Mountain and Dunkin Donuts.

Cinnamon Coffee Delivers Exceptional Flavor
Premium flavored coffee does not need cream or sweeteners to taste good. Cinnamon produces a smooth blend with a warm, spicy aroma that pairs well with breakfast pastries and rich desserts or pass up the sweets and try Green Mountain's Golden French toast, which tastes of maple syrup, cinnamon and buttery French toast. To please guests and employees, stock up on a variety of flavors including caramel and hazelnut that are sure to please everyone.

Choose K-Cups for a Fast and Easy Brew
Single-serve K-cups give you a fresh cup every time, and the Keurig System makes each one in minutes, so it's faster and more convenient than going out for a latte. Each K-cup brews 6, 8, 10 or 12 ounces, so there's never any wasted coffee, and cleanup is fast and easy. Just throw the pod away or recycle it by peeling off the foil, emptying the grounds and rinsing the plastic container.

All the Top Brands
Get the taste you enjoy at your favorite restaurant or coffee shop without leaving home or your office. Staples makes ordering coffee online easy or you can pick it up in the store. You'll find a broad selection of whole beans, ground coffee, and K-cups from top brands including Wolfgang Puck, Panera, Gevalia, and The Original Donut Shop.

Proportioned Coffee Offers Freshness and Convenience
With pre-portioned coffee, the grounds stay fresh until you use them, and the brew is the same strength every time. Pre-measured grounds come in a variety of styles and are an excellent way to provide variety without buying large containers of grounds or whole beans. Packets contain enough coffee for a large or small pot and pods brew single cups of coffee.

Wide Variety of Sizes for Large and Small Businesses
There are a wide variety of sizes of cinnamon coffee to choose from. Whole bean bags stay fresh longer than ground beans, so are ideal for smaller groups who don't drink a lot of coffee. With cases of pre-measured packets, it's easy to make large pots quickly for busy offices and big events such as conferences or corporate training sessions. Pick up a variety pack of pods or K-cups so you have plenty of choices available for unexpected guests.

Cinnamon Pairs Well with Medium or Light Roasts
Cinnamon is one of the most popular coffee flavors. It adds a touch of aroma and balances well in medium blends and makes a spicy brew when paired with a lighter roast. It also complements the chocolate and nutty notes in Arabica beans well and stands up to dark roasts.