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CORSAIR Flash Padlock 64GB USB 3.0 Encrypted Secure Drive (CMFPLA3B-64GB)
Item #IM18X0098
Model #CMFPLA3B-64GB
  • 64 GB storage capacity allows you to store music, films and a variety of other personal and professional files
  • By utilizing 256-bit AES encryption, keep all your personal files information safe & secure from hackers and thieves
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Protect all your important business and personal files by storing them in Corsair flash drives. A flash or thumb drive is a pocketable storage device for carrying digital files. It connects to a computer via the USB port and requires no external power source. Staples carries a wide selection of these ultra-portable drives from Corsair and other leading computer storage brands.

Consider Capacity and Transfer Speed When Comparing Corsair Flash Drives
Pick a flash drive with enough storage capacity to back up the files you need to carry around. Common storage capacities for these devices range from 4GB to 256GB. Choose a low-capacity USB stick if you want a device to store only documents. Photo, music, and video files are usually larger and require high-capacity thumb drives. Transfer speed is also an important factor to consider especially if you regularly transfer a lot of files. Corsair makes USB 3.0 flash drives. These are four times faster than USB 2.0 drives and you can enjoy their high read and write speeds if your PC also has a USB 3.0 port.

Keep Your Data Secure With a Corsair Flash Survivor Drive
To make an excellent storage device, a flash drive must also protect your files from physical damage. Most USB sticks have protective plastic casings. Make sure the one you choose comes with a hard plastic shell that can survive the rigors of daily use. For a more rugged unit, pick one of Corsair's Flash Survivor or Flash Survivor Stealth drives. Each of these has a rugged build and a body crafted from lightweight anodized aircraft-grade aluminum. The outer shell makes the drive resistant to shock and vibration and keeps the entire unit waterproof. This waterproof flash drive is highly reliable and you can also encrypt the data stored on it to prevent unauthorized access to your files.

Can You Use Corsair Flash Drives With Any Computer?
Yes. Corsair thumb drives work with computers running Windows, Mac OS X and Linux operating systems. They are plug-and-play devices that do not require driver installation. These USB 3.0 drives are also backward-compatible with USB 2.0 so you can use them with both types of USB ports.

How Long Does a Flash Drive Last?
The lifespan of a USB stick depends on how often you use it. Typically, a thumb drive offers between 3000 and 5000 write cycles. If you copy files on the drive once a day, it should last between 8 and 12 years.

Are There USB-C Flash Drives?
Yes. There are flash drives that use USB Type-C connectors. Unlike regular thumb drives, these have reversible connectors. This means that you do not have to worry about the orientation of the connector when plugging it into the USB-C port of a computer or smartphone.

What Are Dual USB Drives?
A dual USB drive has two USB connectors. On one end is a regular USB 3.0 connector that is compatible with the USB ports on computers. On the other end, there is a micro-USB connector small enough to fit into the charging ports of most Android and Windows smartphones and tablets. Having both ports on a flash drive makes it easier to transfer files between your computer and mobile device.