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Faro Roasting Houses Inorganic Non-Fair Trade Certified Caffeinated Medium Espresso Not Kosher Beans Coffee

Faro Forte Espresso Blend Whole Coffee Beans (2lbs) Classic Delicious Neapolitan Blend Coffee, Creamy With Chocolate Aromas
Item: 24116347 / Model : CE1003951
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  • 2 lbs. of the finest quality espresso blend whole coffee beans sourced from Ethiopia, India, Costa Rica and Tanzania, a mix of Arabica and Kapi Royal coffee.
  • Faro Roasting Houses Espresso Forte coffee is a strong, robust espresso; creamy with a tangy touch, and aromatic notes of chocolate and caramel.
  • A classic Neapolitan blend, Espresso Fortes strength lives up to its name! Perfect to enjoy straight, or with milk, cream and sweeteners to your personal taste.
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Faro Italian Espresso Forte Whole Coffee Beans, 2 lbs., (P-28023)
Item: 24116558 / Model : CE1003948
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  • The ultimate luxury Italian coffee: strong espresso with a luscious crema, brown sugar aroma and full-bodied texture and flavor.
  • Faro Italian Espresso Forte Whole Coffee Beans are a unique blend of Robusta and Arabica beans from South America: Brazil, Guatemala and Peru.
  • Espresso Forte strikes the perfect balance between the earthy depth of coffee from the Indo-Pacific and the bright, lively spiciness that's characteristic of the Americas.
16.99 $16.99
Faro Arabica and Robusta Blend Medium Roast Classic Cohiba Dolce and Italian Espresso Whole Coffee Beans Pack, 2/Pack
Item: 24117242 / Model : BLB0085
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  • Faro Classic Whole Beans Cohiba Dolce Whole Coffee Beans - Sourced from Burundi, Tanzania and Ethiopia, this 100% Arabica coffee beans ensure a very highest quality coffee right in your kitchen any time of the day.
  • The Cohiba Dolce blend gives a rich, enveloping cup with the inviting aromas of caramel and orange. Savor the raw and unique flavors black or with milk, cream or sweeteners as per taste.
  • The Classic Cohiba Dolce beans have a light to medium roast profile, eliminating bitterness and enhancing the luscious natural flavors and aroma. For a fresh coffee, grind whole beans just before brewing for the optimum crispy taste and aroma.
31.99 $31.99