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PapaNicholas Coffee Hawaiian Islands Blend
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Model #PCO32003
  • Regular caffeinated whole bean coffee
  • 2 lb. bag
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Papa Nicholas® Hawaiian Islands Blend Ground Coffee, Regular, 2.5 oz., 18 Packets
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Model #PCO25181
  • Regular
  • Arabica Bean, Hawaiian Blend
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Keurig® K-Carafe™ 2.0 Pack Tully's Coffee® Hawaiian Blend Coffee, 8 Count (4602)Keurig® K-Carafe™ 2.0 Pack Tully's Coffee® Hawaiian Blend Coffee, 8 Count (4602)
Item #1268756
Model #4602
  • Designed for use with Keurig 2.0 beverage machines only
  • Regular caffeinated coffee
Start your day off right by enjoying a fresh, hot cup of Hawaiian Kona coffee. Grown only in the North and South Kona Districts of Hawaii, the beans are carefully picked and custom roasted to offer a gourmet aroma and flavor. Due to the limited quantities, some companies offer a Kona blend and they feature a mix of Kona and other beans. Staples® carries a large selection of coffee from regions around the world, in different roasts, and in various flavors.

Hawaiian Kona Coffee Roasted Just Right
The roasting process influences the flavor, acidity, and body of the coffee as it transforms the physical and chemical properties of the beans. Light roasts have a lighter color, a mild flavor, and a less body. With a low acidity, medium roasts are slightly darker and feature a stronger flavor. Often referred to as American roast, these beans are the most common in supermarkets in the United States. With an almost black color, dark roasts have more body, but typically, less flavor. They also have the least amount of acidity for a smooth, mellow flavor. Coffee beans are also available unroasted and have a similar acidity to roasted, but they lack the flavor typically enhanced by the roasting process.

Hawaiian Kona Coffee Offers Brewing Convenience
Hawaiian Kona coffee comes in different forms to accommodate coffee drinkers of all types. It comes in the form of beans, pre-ground, instant, and even K-cups®. Beans, the freshest of the group, have the smoothest taste as they keep the flavor intact. Coffee drinkers can also determine the grind based on their preference. Ground coffee saves time and energy as it does not require grinding or special equipment for brewing. Instant coffee eliminates the brewing process altogether as the grounds simply mix with water. K-cups, pre-portioned servings of coffee sealed in a plastic container, work in Keurig® and similar machines.

An Abundance of Hawaiian Kona Coffee Flavors
Hawaiian Kona coffee comes in a variety of flavor combinations to satisfy every coffee lover. Some of the common flavors include amaretto, caramel, almond, and Irish cream. Many manufacturers also produce seasonal favorites such as pumpkin spice and eggnog. Other options include more complex flavors and include more ingredients such as German chocolate cake and caramel macchiato. Some of the flavors come in caffeinated and decaffeinated varieties.

What Is the Difference Between Robusta and Arabica Beans in Hawaiian Kona Coffee Blends?
Robusta and Arabica beans are the main two types of coffee beans. Arabica beans are high-quality and contain lower amounts of caffeine. These are named after the region where they grow. Robusta beans grow at lower elevations than Arabica. They are highly disease resistant and produce more yields.

What Is Peaberry Hawaiian Kona Coffee?
Peaberry refers to mutated coffee beans. Beans grow inside coffee cherries and each cherry produces two fruits. Some cherries, however, produce only one fruit and they are denser and have a distinct flavor. These beans are often sold as premium or specialty coffee.

What Is Organic Hawaiian Kona Coffee?
Organic coffee is produced without any artificial chemicals, additives, or substances, including pesticides and herbicides. The farm where the beans are grown use only organic fertilizer such as chicken manure, coffee pulp, and general compost.