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PayPal Chip and Swipe PP-8151882 Mobile Bluetooth Card ReaderPayPal Chip and Swipe PP-8151882 Mobile Bluetooth Card Reader
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  • Card reader helps keep transactions secure for your customers and yourself
  • Requires Bluetooth 4.0 or above
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PayPal Chip and Tap Charging StandPayPal Chip and Tap Charging Stand
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  • Charging station
  • iOS and Android phones and tablets
PayPal credit card readers have changed how users transfer and use their money from their PayPal accounts. With PayPal cards now available, finding a point of sale that can transact your orders becomes easier. The PayPal network is a huge ecosystem where businesses and individuals accept different forms of payment. Browse through Staple's point of sale equipment segment for a variety of PayPal card readers.

Using PayPal's expansive network with PayPal credit card readers
PayPal released its credit card in 2012, taking advantage of market demand on the need for accessing money from PayPal without using a bank card. The use has grown fast over time with most merchants installing PayPal credit card readers for their clients. The merchants can sign up to the PayPal premier and business account at no extra cost. Users then need to download an accompanying app ― the PayPal Here app.

As a merchant, it's worth staying in the know about the rates applicable to users when accepting credit or debit card payments. PayPal charges a flat rate of 2.7 percent on users of either the PayPal credit card or PayPal Here app. PayPal credit card readers are not only meant for use at the point of sale (POS) but are also contract-free readers that help direct payment from PayPal. There are no monthly fees and it allows the user to integrate the card with other PayPal features.

Determining the specifications of PayPal card readers
Most people order their cards from authorized shops as well as from the PayPal website. This makes it easy to get a legit card reader with correct specifications. The mobile card reader is triangular and uses the phone sound jack. The reader accesses the card's magnetic strip with a swipe. There is also the Chip and Swipe reader, which dips the card into a slot. The other type of PayPal card reader is the Chip and Tap, which allows a user to tap the card on the reader to complete a transaction.

Which type of PayPal credit card reader is most secure?
PayPal has invested a lot of effort in guaranteeing a secure way of authorizing transactions. However, depending on the type of technology it uses and the type of card reader, some are more secure than others. For example, the triangular mobile card reader doesn't use Eurocard, Mastercard, and Visa (EMV) or near-field communication (NFC) technologies, hence might not be as secure. Meanwhile, both the Chip and Tap, as well as Chip and Swipe, are more secure as they incorporate both EMV and NFC technologies.

Are there other fees apart from the flat rate fee?
Apart from the 2.7 percent flat rate, PayPal credit card readers may attract an extra fee. This is especially so when used for cross-border transfers that entail the conversion of currencies. Always confirm if the reader and the card are from the same country to avoid incurring extra charges.

Is the PayPal Here app compatible with both Android and iOS devices?
PayPal Here is compatible with most available devices. The app is available for download from either Google Play or the Apple Store. Nonetheless, some of the iPhone versions are not compatible. Use iOS 10 or later.