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Post-it® and Sticky Notes Supplies

Sticky notes make it easy for anyone to write notes, add indexing tabs, leave reminders and organize their thoughts. These iconic small writing sheets are beloved by highly productive individuals and help with multitasking. There are more types of Post-it notes than the traditional yellow notes associated with the brand. You can find a wide selection of these adhesive-backed notes on Staples.

Get Creative With Sticky Notes
The unique part of a Post-it note is the low-tack adhesive strip at the back. This makes it possible to stick it on any flat surface, remove it and re-post it somewhere else. The adhesive is pressure-sensitive and does not leave residues. Besides this novel bonding agent, there are other ways that 3M and other sticky note brands differentiate their repositionable notes. These include offering them in a lot more colors than yellow and in more shapes than square. They are also available in various sizes and styles. Lastly, users can find lined and printed stickies in addition to regular plain ones. All of these variations make the notes highly adaptable.

Improve Productivity With Post-It Notes
While plain stickies are suitable for writing quick notes, lined Post-it notes are even better for certain writing needs. For example, a lined sticky note can serve as stationery for writing letters. Some repositionable notes also have grid patterns on their faces. These are useful for drawing quick tables and making small spreadsheets. Besides these, 3M also offers specialized stickies for making lists, planning meals and scheduling calendar events. These notes are bigger than regular-sized Post-it notes and have specially marked pages.

What is the Size Of A Sticky Note?
The regular sticky note is a square page measuring 3x3 inches. It usually comes in single or multi-colored stacks containing multiple pads. In addition to this standard dimension, 3M also offer alternative square sticky sizes, including 2x2, 4x4, and 8x8 inches as well as rectangular ones in sizes varying from 3x5 to 25x30 inches.

How Many Pages are in a Post-It Notepad?
The number of pages in a Post-it notepad varies widely. Some are as few as 45 sheets while there are pads with up to 400 sheets. Regular 3x3 inch Post-it notes typically have 90 sheets in each pad with as many as 48 pads in a pack.

What are Super Sticky Notes?
3M introduced Post-it repositionable notes in 2003 to adapt stickies for home users. They have a stronger adhesive that helps them stay up longer when posted on vertical surfaces like mirrors, walls and refrigerators. The extra sticky glue also makes these notes adhere firmly to uneven surfaces.

How do you Print on Post-It Notes?
First, create a template for Microsoft Word. Open a blank page and add box shapes of the same dimension as the sticky note. Print out this template and then stick a note on each of the boxes. Next, type notes inside the boxes in Word and then delete the boxes but not their contents. Place the sheet with stickies affixed in a printer and then print the prepared Word document on it.