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Provide your patients, guests, or employees with gentle and moisturizing shampoos and body washes that suit their specific tastes and requirements. Choose products that provide effective cleansing for both hair and skin, leaving your patients and guests feeling fresh and fragrant.

Stock your bathing facilities with a selection of bath and shower care products to provide your patients or guests with options for their cleansing needs. Choose from unscented shampoos to those with mild herbal or fruit fragrances to suit individual tastes. Shampoos come in a variety of dispenser sizes and types, giving you versatility in how you dispense and provide them. To fill dispensers already in place, pick from a variety of gallon-sized options. Select shampoo and body wash options in easy-to-travel bag cartridges for on-the-go situations.

Body Washes
Body washes help keep your patient's or patrons' skin moisturized, fresh, and smelling great, whether they're in recovery from a serious medical procedure or have just had a sweaty workout. Stock the bathrooms at your health center or medical facility with a selection of body washes with enriching nourishing additives, such as vitamin E and aloe vera, that leave the skin feeling at its best. For continued skin care and ultimate freshness after a shower, offer your guests or patients the option of cooling body powder.

Provide the valued visitors of your business's or practice's bathroom with proper protection for the head area during a shower with disposable shower caps. Keep patients who are bedridden feeling fresh by using bedside hair rinsers to easily wash hair while keeping the patient dry and comfortable.

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Add to cart Medline Kiwi Mango Fragranced Shampoo and Body Wash, 8 oz, 48/Pack, Flip Top Bottle
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MedSpa™ Tearless Shampoos
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