Ice Crushers & Snow Cone Machines

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Whynter Compact Portable Ice Maker 27 lb capacity - Metallic Silver (IMC-270MS)Whynter Compact Portable Ice Maker 27 lb capacity - Metallic Silver (IMC-270MS)
Item #2414894
Model #IMC-270MS
  • 13x14.1x9.5
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
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ERP EXACT ERWIM Ice Maker Bare, White
Item #1310052
Model #ERWIM
  • Replaces most 8 cube Whirlpool modular ice makers
  • Easy to install- just plug in your old ice maker's cord
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Danby Countertop Ice Maker, Stainless Steel (DIM2500SSDB)Danby Countertop Ice Maker, Stainless Steel (DIM2500SSDB)
Item #1127384
Model #DIM2500SSDB
  • Attractive and modern ice maker capable of storing up to 2lbs of ice at any time
  • Makes up to 25lbs of ice per day
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ERP ERWR30X10093 Ice Maker Kit
Item #801379
Model #ERWR30X10093
  • Replacement for GE® OEM WR30X10093
  • Includes installation instructions and multiple wiring harnesses
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ERP ERWR17X11705 Ice Maker Auger Kit
Item #801377
Model #ERWR17X11705
  • Replacement for GE® WR17X11705
  • Weight: 0.75 lbs.
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ERP ER4317943L Ice MakerERP ER4317943L Ice Maker
Item #801408
Model #ER4317943L
  • Replacement for Supco RIM943
  • Includes installation instructions and wire harnesses
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ERP ER5303918277 Ice MakerERP ER5303918277 Ice Maker
Item #801398
Model #ER5303918277
  • Replacement for Electrolux® 5303918277
  • Includes installation instructions and wiring harness
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Chard™ 35 lbs. Portable Ice Maker, Stainless Steel (IM-12SS)
Out of Stock
Item #2111040
Model #IM12SS
  • Capacity: 560 oz.
  • Voltage: 115 V
Magic Chef 27 lb. Countertop Ice MakerMagic Chef 27 lb. Countertop Ice Maker
Out of Stock
Item #1105490
  • Color: Silver
  • Makes ice in as little as 7 minutes in either small or large size
Whynter Compact Portable Ice Maker 27 lb capacity - Black (IMC-270MB)Whynter Compact Portable Ice Maker 27 lb capacity - Black (IMC-270MB)
Out of Stock
Item #2414893
Model #IMC-270MB
  • 432 Ounces
  • 13x14.1x9.5
Ice makers produce ice when needed to enjoy cold, refreshing drinks without waiting hours for the stack of just-filled ice trays to freeze. For hot days, make frozen treats with a countertop snow cone machine to cool everyone down. Remember home and office ice needs when shopping for office decor, homewares, and appliances. Find a variety of machines that will fit in any home or office from brands including Courant, Whynter, and Danby. Chill drinks and make frozen treats for social events, at home, or in the office with Staples selection of ice machines.

Keep ice readily available with ice makers
These convenient machines free up space in the freezer by making ice when needed instead of stacking trays in the freezer. They come in freestanding models that are always ready to use, countertop models that store easily when not in use, and portable ones for traveling to enjoy iced refreshments anywhere, anytime. These machines make ice in a matter of minutes and store it for several hours, so there's no need to fill trays hours in advance. Most models signal an alert when it reaches capacity and automatically stops production to prevent overfilling. Select models have a self-cleaning function alleviating the need for manual cleaning. These are ideal to have for social and business events, parties, breakrooms, and traveling.

Frozen treats in seconds with snow cone machines
Company picnics, sporting events, and other outdoor events often leave guests searching for something to cool them down. Give them a slushy treat featuring their favorite flavors that starts with ice cubes. The stainless-steel blades shave standard ice cubes into individual cups in a matter of seconds. Take the machine into the backyard at a barbecue or picnic or to the park for a social gathering and let everyone chill out with a cup or cone of shaved ice.

Do ice makers have to be near a drain?
Portable and countertop models recycle the water from unused cubes, making them truly portable. This gives users the freedom to place the machine anywhere without running water or drain lines. Water drains from the freestanding models, thus requiring a drain in proximity.

How do ice makers get their water supply?
The portable and countertop machines have a reservoir to fill with water for ice making. When the stored ice goes unused, the machine automatically recycles it into new cubes for minimal waste. Select portable models have the option of connecting a direct line for a continuous water source as needed. Freestanding or built-in models make ice constantly so that they require a continuous water supply and may require a plumber for installation.

How much ice do the machines make each day?
The machines are capable of making several pounds of ice each day. They only store a few pounds of ice at one time so that once it reaches capacity, store the ice in plastic bags in the freezer on days that call for large amounts of ice. This lets the machine continue producing ice and keeps the freezer stocked on busy days.