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3M Adjustable Reflective Surveyor's Safety Vest, 1 Each, Yellow, Silver3M Adjustable Reflective Surveyor's Safety Vest, 1 Each, Yellow, Silver
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Item #193549
Model #94618-80030T
  • Class 2 Safety Vest is perfect for surveyors with four convenient pockets and high visibility
  • Pockets include front radio pocket with flap, two large interior pockets and a pencil pocket
Keep important monitoring and testing devices in place on your patients. A variety of materials help ensure that those vital devices are kept safe. Providing comfortable straps and fasteners to secure the pouches in place, these offer ease of use for both patient and caretaker.

Securely Designed
Telemetry pouches keep sensors, transmitters, and other medical devices in place throughout a patient's day, ensuring a higher level of health for patients who need around-the-clock monitoring. One-piece pouches keep important health tools firmly in place while promoting comfort for the wearer and legibility for caretakers. Different models accommodate a variety of sensor setups, making sure that the pouch style you select can fit the transmitting devices that are in use at your medical facility.

With a disposable design, telemetry pouches provide an easy way to keep the medical workspace as sterile as possible. Once testing is complete, the pouches can be tossed away with other medical waste. Bulk supplies provide your medical facility, nursing home, or home-care operation with a large number of replacements to ensure both patient and caregiver maintain a clean environment to reduce the chances of infection. Pouch models come in a variety of construction materials, just like medical gloves, to accommodate patients and nurses with special needs and allergies.

Easy to Use
With simple snaps, zippers, and apron-style ties, telemetry pouches are easy to put on, take off, and secure devices inside. Models containing transparent material offer clear access to displays on transmitters for quick reading without disturbing a patient. Simple straps allow pouches to be worn around the neck or tied around the waist requiring only knots to keep it in place.