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Does Staples host any classes or educational events?

Yes we do. If you visit our Store Locator and select your local Staples® retail store, you’ll see a list of upcoming events. You can also find information about upcoming events by calling or visiting the store itself.

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Where can I find guides, insights and other helpful resources?

Our Business Hub is filled with the tips, resources and expert advice you need to help your small business succeed. And our technology research centers include lots of helpful information about buying computers, digital cameras, tablets and more.

Concerned about office health and safety? Our Flu Prevention Center features tips and tools to help your employees avoid colds and the flu at work. And our Safety Preparedness Center will keep you informed and ready for the unexpected.

For retail businesses, our Retail Resource Center has all the advice you need to boost sales and to be a success. Restaurant owners and others in the food service industry can learn more from our Restaurant Resource Center. And for medical offices, our Healthcare Supplies Research Center offers information and advice about all the essentials you need to keep your facility well stocked.

Want to be prepared for the start of another school year? Check out the helpful advice for parents of students in kindergarten through college in our Back to School Center.

Want to network with and learn from your peers? You can do both at Succeed, our small business network on LinkedIn and in the Boardroom, our® community.

And of course, Staples is on Twitter (we’re @staples), Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

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