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Managing My Account - Create / Update, Reset Password, Pay Bills FAQs |®

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Managing My Account


Create an Account

Why should I sign up for a® account?

With a account, you'll get more personalized service on the Web site and your shopping experience will be even easier. For example, you can establish a Favorites List of items you buy most often so you don't have to keep searching for them every time. You can speed up the checkout process because we'll remember your preferred payment options for you. And you can submit product reviews and be a part of the customer community, called the Boardroom.

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How do I create a account?

It's easy: Just make a purchase, or click here to fill out the brief registration form.

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Update Account and Preferences

How do I update my delivery address, credit card or other account information?

Just log in to your account, select the My Profile option, and update your information.

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How do I unsubscribe or remove myself from receiving Staples® email offers?

If you no longer want to receive special offers by email, you can remove your email address from our list at any time in one of two ways:

Option 1:

  • Click on the Unsubscribe link located at the bottom of every promotional email

Option 2:

  • Log in to your® account
  • Click on Your Account
  • Click on My Profile
  • Under the category "Receive special savings by email," click Unsubscribe
  • Check the box to remove yourself from the email list and then click Submit

Please allow up to 10 business days for changes to take effect.

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How do I unsubscribe or remove myself from receiving Staples direct mailings?

You can request to be removed from our mailing lists by following any of these steps:

  • Write to us at:

    Staples Business Delivery
    Marketing Services
    500 Staples Drive
    Framingham, MA 01702

  • Fax us the back page of your Staples Business Delivery Catalog (with your instructions to be removed on it) toll-free at 877-333-0398
  • Fill out our Web-based form

(To obtain information about having your name and home address removed from marketing lists on a national basis, you may contact the Direct Marketing Association at

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How do I unsubscribe or remove myself from receiving Staples® offers via text message?

To stop our text deals alerts, just send a text message that says STOP to the short code 555-444.

You will be removed from all Staples SMS programs after a one-time cancel confirmation, and won’t receive any future messages after that unless you opt back in.

Read our full Mobile Terms and Conditions here. If you have any additional questions, you can send a text message from your mobile phone with the word HELP to 555-444 at any time, or call us at 800-333-3330.

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Reset Your Password

What if I forget my password?

Just click here. We'll reset your password immediately and send you an email with instructions for choosing a new one.

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What makes a good password?

A good password is one that you'll remember and that won't be easy for others to figure out. Some tips:

  • A combination of letters and numbers is ideal — even better if you mix upper case and lower case letters
  • Don't just use a sequence of letters or numbers (e.g., 12345678 or zyxwvuts)
  • Don't use your name, your username or your company name
  • Stay away from numbers like your birth date

If you need to, write down your password and keep it in a safe place so you don't forget it.

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Staples Credit Card

Does Staples offer a credit card or any credit services?

Yes we do. The Staples Credit Center offers multiple payment options to best meet your business or home needs.

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If I have a Staples Credit Card is the number on the card the same as my customer account number?

No. Your credit card account and customer account numbers are different.

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When will my Staples Credit Card be billed?

You can expect an invoice to arrive toward the middle of the month.

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Can I pay my Staples Credit Card bill online?

Staples offers multiple payment options, including an online bill pay option. For more information, visit the Staples Credit Center.

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Order History

I lost my receipt or invoice. Is there a way to access and reprint it?

Your order history is always available at, giving you an easy way to print out your invoices and track your purchases. In store, if you paid by credit or debit card, just bring in that card and we'll be able to look up your receipt for you.

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Why is the order history on my Web site account different from what's on my credit card statement?

When you place an order with, the actual order that's shipped to you may be slightly different than what was ordered initially. (For example, an item you ordered may be temporarily out of stock, and the rest of the order was shipped without it.) The packing slip that's sent with your order is an accurate record of what was shipped and what was billed to you.

If you need additional information, please contact us. You can select "Order History/Packing Slips," and tell us what information you need. We can send you the information via email, confirm information over the phone, and/or send you replacement packing slips via fax for any delivery order that is placed with Staples.

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