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Custom Post-It® Notes
Item #336343
Model #2347
  • Upload images, logos or artwork for easy personalization.
  • 3" x 3" pad includes 50 sheets per pad.
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Custom sticky notes come in handy in many different types of situations. They are an essential item to have at home, work or school. They can be used for taking down contact information or writing a quick to-do list, a short memo or a helpful reminder. They are also a terrific way to get the word out to the public about your company or business. Be more organized without taking up much space by stocking up on custom Post-it notes.

Organize Your Time
Some people would rather not keep track of their day with a book-style planner, but prefer a more compact and simple way to remind themselves of appointments and errands. Custom sticky notes are a good way to do this, as they are relatively small and can be placed just about anywhere, yet have enough room for you to write down details about what needs to be done. They are also easily accessible, as they can be placed in plain view. You may find this more convenient than pulling out a day planner or accessing an electronic planner on a smartphone, tablet or computer. You may always want to check out our Post-It Bonus Packs for special occasions.

Add Some Spice and Personality
One of the nice aspects of novelty Post-it notes is that they come in many different designs and colors. Post-its are available with a wide variety of different types of backgrounds and themes to keep things fun around the home or office. You can also add a personalized touch to them. It's easy to create custom sticky notes that include a company name and/or logo on the top, as well as a name, address, a company motto and custom artwork. Adding a short phrase can allow Post-it notes to be earmarked for different uses, with titles such as scheduling reminders, errands to run, notes about a conversation or important memos.

Personalizing Post-it notes is simple, as you can upload an image of your company name, contact info and artwork before adding them to your shopping cart. Preview what they will look like in an image file before you finalize your selections.

A Subtle Marketing Method
Businesses and companies are always looking for new ways to market and promote their products and services without seeming too intrusive. A Post-it note with a company's name or logo, address, website and perhaps a little basic info about a current promotion or a community event that's taking place is an engaging way to get out the word out.

After meeting with potential clients or partners, you can give them a full pad of custom Post-its, and that person will have a tangible reminder about your products or services or perhaps an upcoming event. It is a subtle, yet effective way to market your company's brand and product with having to sell people on it. A pad of sticky notes is almost like a business card, except that your contacts are more likely to hang onto it, since it's useful. This makes it a practical and high-exposure marketing tool, no matter what field you're in. Staples carries Post-It Writing Instruments, among other great office supplies to choose from.

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