Decorative Boxes & Baskets

While organizing often requires function over form, professionals can still use decorative boxes and storage containers to keep an office or workspace tidy and uncluttered, all while adding pops of color and style to the room. A variety of hues and patterns are available to complement nearly any existing office decor theme. However, it is important to remember that different materials and styles are appropriate for particular organizational needs.

Various Colors and Patterns

With so many color options, Staples offers the right decorative basket or bin for any application. Professionals who aim to keep office supplies neutral and simple can select from solid-color decorative boxes, including blacks, whites, browns and beiges. A bright red or blue solid-color bin can help to upgrade the decor in a contemporary office. Small decorative boxes with floral prints are well suited for fun craft projects or material storage. Holiday-themed decorative baskets work well with other holiday decor pieces around the work place. Browse Staples' selection of casual and professional decorative baskets to amp up the aesthetic appeal in an office while ensuring everything is in its place.

Multiple Styles for Different Applications

Keep frequently used objects and supplies close and readily available in open storage bins. These small decorative boxes can be stored in a cabinet or cube-shape shelf. Decorative baskets offer the same immediate access to contents stored inside, but in a more attractive way. For example, instead of simply stacking magazines on a side table in a waiting room, users can select from a range of attractive magazine racks. Storage cubes make it easy to store multiple baskets or bins in one convenient, compact furniture piece. To keep more delicate or important items safe and out of sight, choose small decorative boxes with matching lids.

The Right Material for a Budget

With both high-end and cheap decorative boxes available, Staples has organizing solutions for every budget. To keep organization costs down, focus on practical and functional options made of corrugated paper. Plastic decorative boxes keep moisture and dust out, making them suitable for long-term storage. Small decorative boxes made of metal or wicker boast a specific decor aesthetic and can improve the appearance of waiting rooms, boardrooms, lobbies and home offices. Fabric decorative gift boxes add a special touch to holiday giveaways and promotional items. For an office setting, opt instead for a statement piece, like wooden drawers or storage cabinets, or more traditional file storage boxes.

By adding decorative boxes and baskets to an office, lobby or waiting area, you can create an attractive but also well-organized space. Elevate the level of efficiency, productivity and morale in an office with a collection of well-placed decorative storage baskets and other organizational items.

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