Flooring Accessories

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Complete your remodeling project with these flooring accessories, which come in numerous styles and colors. Each product is sold individually, so you can install them on existing floors or use them in new construction. Select accessories from brands such as Carolina Stair and Ekena Millwork.

Increased Safety
Many flooring accessories are designed to promote safe use, so you can use them with peace of mind in personal or professional settings. Anti-skid strips install on the edges of steps, increasing traction and preventing slips and falls. If you're building stairs, choose risers and treads in a sanded finish to eliminate the risk of painful splinters.

Long-Lasting Materials
Each of these flooring accessories is made with durable materials, so you can lay down a floor that lasts. Heavy-duty wooden risers stand strong under heavy use, while iron balusters resist rusting and maintain their structural integrity. Ensure that your steps and hardwood flooring last for years by using specially designed cleaning products to protect the surface and remove stains.

Ample Support
When you are building a set of stairs, choose flooring accessories that add support and stability. Anchor your banister with sturdy newel posts, or choose heavy-duty stair rod brackets to prevent your railings from moving. To complete your staircase, select a banister that fits beneath people's hands to help them stay balanced as they walk up or down.

Aesthetic Appeal
Crafted with style and careful attention to detail, these flooring accessories complement the decor of a home or commercial building. Choose smooth, carved wooden pieces to create a traditional look in an entryway or a living room. Sleek iron accessories, on the other hand, complement modern spaces and add a pleasing contrast to soft decor.

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