Gas Detectors

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Gas detectors help you maintain a safe environment for your employees. These models are designed to work accurately in both hot and cold environments, and chemical detectors are also available to test a variety of pipes at a lower cost.

Digital Convenience
Digital gas testers let you keep your workspace space safe from toxic gas leaks and come with features like loud alarms, vibrating alarms, and flashing LED lights, ensuring you are alerted to possible dangers.

Testing Flexibility
Gas detectors designed to be used on all kinds of pipe keep your from having to stock multiple types. Add a carbon monoxide detector to your office for extra peace of mind.

Nontoxic Safety
Nontoxic chemical testers ensure that workers can perform tests without worrying if they get accidentally splashed. These are also noncorrosive and can be used to test various air lines, air pumps, and refrigerator condensers.

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