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Hand Trucks, Dollies & Jacks

Various styles of hand trucks, dollies, and jacks help homeowners and workers transport large quantities of goods and supplies as well as large items such as appliances safely and efficiently. Different styles with a range of features help secure even the most hard-to-handle items from manufactures like Cosco, Safeco and Magna Cart.

Easily Find the Right Size

From smaller hand trucks designed for the transport of items such as groceries, luggage and shipping boxes to much larger hand trucks and dollies that provide a stable way of moving larger items such as office furniture and drawers, numerous size options can be found. A choice of hand trucks, dollies, and jacks with various weight capacities up to 500 pounds or more make for the safe and efficient handling of even large appliances such as refrigerators.

Folds for Storage

Numerous details make for easy storage of hand trucks, dollies & jacks when they are not in use. Folding hand trucks can easily be stored away when not in use, and details such as telescoping handles provide even more convenience. Convertible hand trucks, dollies, and jacks can expand from two-wheel to four-wheel functionality, which increases their versatility and eliminates the need for multiple hand trucks to perform different transportation tasks.

Works With Specialty Products

Those with specific transportation needs can find hand trucks, dollies, and jacks that are up to the task. Janitorial carts allow cleaning staff to carry all necessary supplies throughout a building to perform their basic tasks. Dollies designed for the transport of multiple items such as folding chairs or tables can be an import asset for schools, businesses and entertainment venues. For even more specific storage and transportation needs such as industrial applications, business owners also have a large selection of cylinder carts and trucks from which to choose.

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