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Handheld Terminals for Industrial & Commercial Use

Use handheld terminals to keep track of everything in your inventory. Compact mobile computers from Motorola and Honeywell provide reliable performance in rough conditions. Improve efficiency with handheld terminals in the warehouse, so front-end sales and delivery processes go smoothly.

Easy to Use
Handheld terminals are easy to use, and they coordinate seamlessly with your office computers, reducing the need for manual syncing. These mobile computers are compact enough to carry around in your hand, in a belt pouch, or in a holder in your vehicle, so you can take them with you across a large corporate campus or to a separate area of a large work yard. Miniature backlit keypads built into these devices and touch-sensitive screens let you alter data, scroll through menus, and enter commands without returning to a central computer first.

Convenient Analysis
Powerful computing makes handheld terminals useful for more than simple recordings of bar code data. You can analyze inventory levels, check product specifications in an internal database, or surf the Internet to get manufacturer contact information with handheld computers that are equipped with wireless and Bluetooth capabilities. Send information directly from your handheld terminal to a central computer system or to your POS systems to enable real-time access to all relevant data from anywhere in your facility.

Rugged Designs
Because they are designed to handle cold, wet, or windy weather, rugged handheld terminals can be used in your outdoor equipment yard or open-air storage facility. Durable units that can handle bumps, jostles, and drops onto concrete surfaces hold up well to everyday wear and tear and to occasional accidents. Water-resistant handheld computers withstand splashes and driving rain, enabling you to keep working outside in inclement weather.